[KinKi] KinKi’s Day – 5th May

Hey guys ~ today – 5th May is our official KinKi’s Day

18th Years ago – back in 1991

Our KinKi met in Hikaru Genji Concert then afterwards formed our beloved group

Just a little celebration from us, Let’s share some words to them 🙂

Just leave a comment down here about them, about you and them and anything you really want to share . 🙂

I am really happy to share my official 10th years with them 🙂 2009 is my 10th year loving them as a fans officially 🙂

and it stilll going strong 🙂

I may be busy working, couldn’t share much news in here these days, I still can’t help to have their song always in my Ipod, have their photos on my phone and having them in my phone strip 🙂

I am really graceful to have shared my years with them for these 10 years.

Many happiness many sadness that I have had with them , I just wish to say a big big



9 Responses

  1. First!
    hee~ KinKi Kids~
    I have known them for 7 years
    but to really like them
    it’s only been 2 years
    I still remember back then.. I can’t remember how Koichi look like.. I only remember Tsuyoshi.. i always knew that Koichi existed but just cant remember how he looks like
    It took me 3 years to remember hahahah

    Although 2 years of fandom is short
    but they’ve taught me many things
    Lotssssssss of stuff~
    They inspire me, they made me laugh when I’m down~
    Their music accompanied me when I’m bored
    I’m so proud to be a fan of KinKi Kids!
    Thank you very much!!

  2. umm i think it should be 18 years ago instead of 17~

  3. Hi~ (just found this site)
    not even a month, I’ve become a very big fan of them!! ^o^

    This is gonna be a long essay.. hope you won’t mind~ XD
    well.. I couldn’t remember how long I’ve known them since I did recall that I’ve heard of this group before, but didn’t really know about them.. maybe I was too young back then.. (I am 23 this year~)
    I never heard their songs or even watched their dramas but just heard of their existent from magazine. (I guess I’m not really a type who idolize artists, even my local artists.. *sweat* )

    but then, recently, a friend who really likes Arashi, she just showed around some Arashi’s clips from youtube, and I happened to see the clip about Sport Day where Nino got glared by Tsuyo during the baseball sport. And then I also saw some clips where they showed Tsuyo did his own work cutting the cloth in the room, and also the way he talked to Nino in the room. At that time I was like “hmm… this guy looks kinda gloomy and dark…”

    ooh, I really like Nagase a lot since his appearance is really my taste; dunno, he’s one I define as handsome but not pretty. and at that time I found out the JE fansub downloading website too.. and I downloaded all Nagase’s clips. and two of them are from the SDK. And then the Nagase clip from Shindoi. At that time I didn’t really paid attention to them nor have any feelings for them, but only Nagase. But slowly and slowly, I became interested to know about them. and I look around their album list that said they got into Guinness Record consecutively! I was like “wow!” and then tried to listen to some of their songs especially the Single Selection. I fell in love with Garasu no shounen, Aisareru, Yamenaide, Cinderella Christmas. and then tried to listen to others too like Ai no katamari, Anniversary etc.. For me, to love MANY songs from ONE artist/group is really rare for me as I’m not really an artist/group fan type, I just only listen to songs that I think I like although I didn’t know that artist/group. So I guess that brought more to know about them. And I saw that lots of SDK had been subbed. So I tried to watch them more. I also read some articles about them. But actually at that time I only interested with Tsuyo. Maybe because he looks gloomy and dark to me; which kind of similar to me.. and when I saw that he likes to draw, I was like “hey I like to draw too~ XD” and he is kinda a reserved person.. didn’t really talk actively in SDK like Koichi; which I think is similar to me too.. and then slowly I think he’s kinda cute too. Honestly said that Tsuyo is not really a type that I could fell in love in first sight like Nagase, but after I’ve known him a bit, I do think that I really like and lovve him. He’s cute handsome type. and I really like to see him smiling or laughing. his chuckles (err.. or giggles?) are cute!! Seriously~ XD he giggles cutely+shyly~ XD and I do think although he has round face, but his body isn’t really chubby/round. So it makes him cuter! I saw his younger looks clips and wow~ he’s really handsome during his teenagers day~ Kyaa~ he got nice round eyes and cool/evil looking eyebrows. XD

    ooh, I’m not TO fan tho~ although I am interested with Tsuyo that time, but sometimes I had fun watching Koichi too with his stupid and crazy jokes in SDK. hehehe. well, since KinKi is two of them, so when I got to know Tsuyo, at the same time I got to know Koichi too. and slowly I realized that I have some similarities too with Koichi where I don’t really go out much.. and when I have nothing to do, I can sleep and sleep and sleep (lol). and sometimes I saw that Koichi is kinda a blurry type too, same as me lol. I don’t really like to look in front of the camera too. Sometimes I think that I am like Tsuyo, and sometimes I am like Koichi so it really balance lolz. So yeah, without Koichi and KinKi, I will never know Tsuyo, so yeah, I luvv both of them. (but maybe err.. Tsuyo more. ) XD really luv their relationship and interaction. and I’m kinda used to the ‘hubby and wifey’ terms for them too hehehe….

    erkk.. I guess I better stop now.. but just wanna say that I started to get to know them not even a month, and I’ve already a big fan of them now~ I think i have too much KinKi now… hehehe~ thanks to all KK fans who shared their news/info about KK and also those subbed clips~~ XD yay~ I’ve never been this obsessed into artists before.. I mean, like wanting to know and know more about them… hehehe~ yay~ (wanna download more of their dramas after this~ XD )

  4. Hi 😀
    I’m also a newbie fan. Roughly been one for 2 months as well.
    Although I’ve known them since the 90’s, I feel kinda bad for not paying more attention to KinKi Kids. I guess being young as I was then I didn’t fully appreciate their music.

    It wasn’t until I watched Sushi Ouji and 33pun Tantei early this year, when I really started noticing their talent(s).
    Their music touches me where only few other groups could attach me to (Shinhwa and Luna Sea). Lol. I guess old age only made me realise this.
    They were my shining light of hope at a time when I felt useless and miserable so I honestly consider them my saviours ❤

  5. What an anniversary! ^^

    I wonder whether the two of them even remember this date. ^^;
    But KinKi Kids is really wonderful in their own way. Their music, their relationship, their appearance…their way. They make me crave to attend concerts for the first time, to join the fansubbing world the first time, to want to buy albums so much the first time, and through them, I get to know so many great people too.

    Like others, I want to thank these two boys for everything. *hugs mentally*


  6. Nana, it’s 18! 😀

    Yay for the 19th year! I don’t have much to say but I did a picspam on my LJ lol 😛

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!

    OMG seeing that this is your 10th Year for liking them, it might be mine too!!! I got into them since 2000.. OMG It’s been so longggggg~

    KinKi really is an addicting hobby. LOL!

    I hope they will have many many years of Anniversaries to come! XD


  8. I’ve first come contact to them through Tsuyoshi’s Kindachi series… counting, it should be about 14 to 15 years now…
    From then onwards, I’ve been loving them (especially Tsuyoshi) and….
    It’s still going strong, and I believe it’s
    KinKi Kids FOREVER!!!!

    Happy 18th Anniversary to them!

  9. Tsuyoshi domoto is my first love, i love him since 2003, i really have a huge crush on this guy..love his round eyes in malay it’s called ‘bundar’ his smile, his small nose, i want to be his wife, i will take a good care of him if he is my husband..btw i love koichi too since he is very handsome but tsuyo is still in my heart, i claim kochan as my bestfriend since i love him with kyoko fukadaa, i just claim him as kyoko’s boyfriend hehe for nana can u help me to send my regards to tsuyo if u meet him coz i will be happy if he know me..tnx^.*

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