[NewS] Tegomass release single in Sweden!?

Saw it from wing @ roodo.

Apparently Tegomass is going to release a new single in Sweden!?


Scandinavian Songs firar (i yen)
Förra veckan hade Scandinavian Songs dubbla skäl att fira. Låtar från det svenska förlaget var med och toppade såväl singel- som albumlistan i Japan.

(Nana: Anyone know Sweden? Please have a look~ I have no ideas what this means …)

Apparently they are planning to held a event to see fans and a mini concert there, but as the swine flu going wild down everywhere, they decided to cancel it …


We are sorry to inform everyone that the planned concert with the Japanese group TEGOMASS on the 30th of May on the main stage at Nalen has been cancelled. The group would like to say to all their fans they´re very sorry they couldn´t come, and hope to be back soon.


(Nana: Sign … Swine flu … sign … I just hope everyone I know in Japan is okay …)


One Response

  1. The event was supposed to be held in Sweden (not Swiss ^^) but indeed, seems like it got cancelled because of the swine flu’s dangers :/

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