[Arashi]Arashi no shukudai kun (11/05/09)

Hi everyone, is miko!

This time, I would like to show you all a MUST WATCH chapter from Arashi no shukudai kun~

Hope you all enjoy it and have fun!

Trust me!!! It is soooo funny! U will love it even you’re not a die hard fans of Arashi!

p.s. is there any one want to watch the pt1 and pt2 of Domoto Kyoudai Online? leave a msg please!~ ^^



One Response

  1. Miko-san, I want to watch DK online!!!
    Thank you VERY2 much ><
    and this shukudai very funny. Actually i also fell for arashi since i see they play this kind of game two yeas ago ^^

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