[Johnny’s] JR audition – Current

Oh Not quiet sure if I have upload the old JR auition (for KinKi/V6/Tokio/Arashi) before. 🙂

But I just find these audition video for those younger one such as Hey!Say!Jump. 🙂

These I found are from youtube. 🙂

Seems that selection are quiet the same, but then ours one wait for quiet a while before debuting …

Oh well again not that they are too young to debute but I think they need more experience before debuting … -_-

As ours KinKi was already “big” before debut, and they been on TV since 14-15 years old before debuting on 18 years old ~

Anyway anyway – please enjoy 🙂

credit to applecf07

credit to ulteruboze


One Response

  1. I agree that they’re too young to debut
    i think they should gain more performing experience first
    at least wait until they’re 18!
    when they’re more mature in dealing with things~
    and thanks for sharing the videos ^^

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