[KinKi] Kochan Solo Concert! – BPM Tour!

Haven’t share my happiness in here!

I have successfully obtain tickets to Fukuoka 1st day concert of Kochan’s !

Can’t be more happy then that can I? XD

Any one have any news? Or have tickets that can’t go to and want to share it out?

Don’t hestiate ! Let’s share out some happiness to those who didn’t go a ticket!

Anyone who want to ask for ticket please also post in the comment section.

I will try my best to post it up to see anyone willing to help 😀

” FC申込、福岡・名古屋・大阪公演の当落確認が開始されています。”

Anyone have any news? 😀 Let’s share !

I am so excited already ~~~~

Have pay to draw for Fukuka and Osaka performance ~

If can’t I still can go and pay to draw for Tokyo one 😀

Oh I so want to go ar ~~~~~~>____________<

hey girls! Which tour you will be drawing?

Let’s share your experiences and plan here~ 😀

May be see who will go where and meet up to go together 😀

Feel free to say here~ 😀

Officially announced!
Kochan will have his solo concert this summer!!! YEAH!
Schedule will announce on 19th Jun and draw start on 30th!
Oh my god! I am SO GOING!!!! But i am not a member yet >__________________< Gees I just going to apply this weekend… T_T finger cross I know soon >_<
expensive stuff … T_T


12 Responses

  1. Good stuff *thumbs up* =P
    So that’s what Kochan’s been doing these days
    I was discussing with my sis the other day what he is currently doing
    We’ve come to the conclusion that Kochan is busy just that we don’t know what he’s busy doing =)

  2. Uwaa~kochan solo concert IKITAII…

  3. Oh, the draw will start on 19th itself… And ended on 30th…

  4. Whoa, more concerts this summer… I want to go…

  5. AHHH I wanna go I wanna go!!
    thats a real good news
    but I hope he won’t tire himself too much

  6. Hi rene,

    I start to think he will look like a stick again in Shock … T_T


  7. i would def. go if someone is willing to go with me T_T

  8. Nana, do you want a ticket for 8/16 show? I have an extra….

  9. Congrats on getting the ticket!
    Enjoy the concert and bring back some report ya!

  10. Hi Hidamari,

    Sorry am I too late to reply? T_T
    However I don’t need that anymore ;D I am going to 16th Anyway 🙂 If you can’t find someone to have the ticket, please let me know 🙂 I could try to help you to see if anyone want that “D

    Thanks again by the way 😀


  11. Hi Nana,
    You’re going to both the 15th and 16th then? How wonderful! I’m so happy for you!! (^^)
    Since you seem to know more KK fans than I do, would you mind helping me to check if anyone wants it?
    I posted the offer at a forum too, but seems like nobody from there is interested in going to Fukuoka *lol*
    Thank you sooo much in advance 😀

  12. Nana,

    I am going on 12th Sep which is far far away from yours…
    And I am goin on 19th Sep as well, Hokkaido which is also far far away from yours…

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