[KinKi] Hey!x3 Kochan special announcement!

Actually According to fans going to see the recording.

Kochan have a pet now.

A Chiwawa dog girl call “Pan – Chan”

** Pan as in bread.

All I can think of is “Kochan~ Is it the pet your lovely Tsuyo gave to you?” XD and why its a dog girl!!!!!!! JEALOUS!!!!!

oh and why is it a DOGGGGGGGGYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! XD


6 Responses

  1. OH!O_O I’m so jealous of the dog D:

  2. OMG!!!!
    I want to be the dog so much !!! xD
    He’s too much cute …Kochan having a dogy OMG that’s so much cute XDDD
    If Kochan needs a babysitter for his dogy,He can ask me anytime,I’ll be free XDD

  3. HE GOT A PET DOG?? that’s shocking
    haha Pan chan~ hope he wont eat her up when he’s hungry

  4. Rene,
    He won’t I assure you ~ XD Cause he never hungry XD


  5. but then, I’m afraid the dog will starve XD;;
    (since Kouchan never really concerns about his own meals lol)

  6. Hi Rurun

    Oh ` you have raise quiet a concern XD Yea! But then Pan-chan belongs to Kochan,
    Kochan belongs to Tsuyo,
    then Pan-chan also belongs to Tsuyo ~ XD

    So Don’t worry Pan-chan have Tsuyo to look after XD


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