[KinKi]Koichi New Single -Ayakashi PV(Full Ver.)

miko:Hi everyone. Here is miko again!! Please enjoy the full version of PV. And the next update will be published on Sunday! probably…the making clips of Ayakashi…^^
btw, minna san~!!!I have tried Scotch Kisses!!!!!(which is Koichi’s favourited! recommended! marshmallow with caramel coated) In Japan, Scotch Kisses has been sold out few hours later after the TV programme shown. We can see how powerful our Prince Koichi is!!I have posted some pics on my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/album.php?aid=144958&id=718780920
Have a good night!


5 Responses

  1. OMG~ @_@ Did anyone realize the last part? Right before the PV end…Who is that Ko-chan was hugging?? (NAked? o_O)

  2. Ahh~ where to get those candies?

  3. Jenny>> I have no idea who he is hugging as well…
    but…”Jealous!” is on my mind.

    Rene>> The shop is called See’s Candies. Is a pretty old style candy shop in US. They have branches in Japan, Macau and Hong Kong~^^

  4. Ah I see~ maybe I shall get one of those when I’m visiting Macau hee thanks for the info

  5. where k download the full version pv?? i want!!!!!!

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