[KinKi] Domoto Brother Live ! (official list)

Song list

M0 堂本兄弟のテーマ (2000)

M1 Anniversary(2004)KinKi Kids

M2 WINDING ROAD (2007) つるの剛士×ブラザートム×YUCALI

M3 さくら(2003)えなりかずき

M4 しるし(2008)堂本剛

M5 ミソスープ(2006)テゴマス

M6 天才ドロンボー(1977)深田恭子×KinKi Kids

M7 + MILLION but – LOVE(2006) 堂本光一

M8 HIGH PRESSURE(1997)西川貴教

M9 Marionette -マリオネット-(1987)DAIGO×西川貴教

M10 君のためにできること(2001)GACKT


M12 ドカドカうるさいR&Rバンド(1983)吉田建×土屋公平×武田真治


M13 愛のかたまり(2001)KinKi Kids


M14 The Night before your Birthday(1998)ビートルーズ

M15 全部だきしめて (ファーストライブver)KinKi Kids


Not shown

M00 堂本兄弟のテーマ (2000) DMBB

EC 硝子の少年(1997) KinKi Kids

Domoto Brother theme song
1. Anniversary (KinKi)
2. Shiroshi (Tsuyoshi)
3. Miso soup (Tegomass)
4. Tensai Doronpoo (Fukuda)
5. +million but – love (kochan)
6. High Pressure (T.M.Re)
7. Mazettie (Daigo)
8. Kimi no dameni tekiro ni (Gackt)
9. Sweat and Tears (The Alfee )
10. Ai no Katamari (KinKi)
11. the night before your birthday (feat Tomoe with Tsuyo in drum)
12. Zenbu takishimete (KinKi)

If song list wrong, please let me know. Cause I wrote when I m watching , but this stupid system didn’t save it so I published a blank page!!! ERHHHHHHH


3 Responses

  1. Songlist for DBB 3rd live:

    You missed 3 songs (^^;)

  2. i love the songs that was been sung! ^^

  3. YAY!! I’m so happy that Shirushi was on the list
    I really really loved it and voted for it too
    so happy happy

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