[KinKi] Stop screening of Shindoi

Due to Asahi Televsion have to cut budget.

From September there will be no 00:00 entertainment series programs , hence Shindoi will finish soon!!!!!!


6 Responses

  1. Oh, really? It’s so sad. I like Shindoi much.

  2. Really???
    What about the Mie prefecture episodes that are scheduled to be broadcast on 9/3 & 9/10?

  3. Why they had to stop this show though im more into sdk show,but i feel a kind of sad,coz it is my tsuyo sama host it. i hope sdk will still continuing..

  4. Dear Hidamari,

    Apparently they are the last few Ep. It will be stop I heard after Sept for Shindoi so Tsuyo should have stop recording it …

    Dear chiaki244,

    Oh SDK won’t stop as its different TV station 😀


  5. Aaw! I really like Shindoi. Got to know a lot of good restaurants in Japan from that show… ^_^

  6. oh no.. Shindoi is so much fun.

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