[NEWS] Ryo and Yamapi Got H1N1!



錦戸が出演中のTBS系ドラマ「オルトロスの犬」(金曜午後10時)の4日放送分で出演シーンがあるが、未収録のため、内容は検討中。山下が出演 しているフジテレビ系のドラマ「ブザービート」(月曜午後9時)は当面、撮影を中止。2日以降、ほかの出演者の日程を調整する。


Ryo and Yamapi got confirmed to have infected by H1N1. Both are now quarantine at home and stop working. As Yamapi is filming drama, his part have stop and is changing working schedule with co-worker.


5 Responses

  1. aww no way i hope they get well soon

  2. i hope they will get better soon ryo sama..

  3. Are you sure it’s H1N1?
    The article & JE website said “Influenza A”, so doesn’t that refer to the “normal” strain?
    As far as I know, in Japanese, H1N1 flu is called shin-gata influenza (新型インフルエンザ).

  4. Hi Hidamari,

    Haha I have lost in what should the H1N1 call now ~ If its just flu then what’s the point of them saying about it XD Everyone got flu~ Cause in HK we have been calling it Swine flu again XD


  5. Nana,
    Good question… I’m not sure..
    Maybe because both of them were involved in 24-hr TV, and both are shooting drama, and they had to stop work while recuperating? So JE just want to assure the other ppl who had come into contact with the two boys?
    Cos if they just said “flu”, then there’d be rumors, and possibly mass hysteria, no? Especially since recently in Japan, the news have been focusing on how the number of fatalities have “suddenly” increased in the last 2 weeks or so.

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