[KinKi] New Single ” Swan Song” on 28th Oct.


2009.10.28 Release

・「深紅の花」&「スワンソング -Backing Track-」収録(初回盤のみ収録)
¥ 1,000(tax in)



01 スワンソング
作詩:松本 隆

02 サマルェカダス ~another oasis~

03 深紅の花
編曲:吉田 建
ストリングスアレンジ:旭 純

04 スワンソング -Backing Track-


01 スワンソング
作詩:松本 隆

02 サマルェカダス ~another oasis~

03 面影
作曲:原 一博



9 Responses

  1. Yay! I was wondering when they would put out another single. And I just want to say that I have been coming here for a while now and I really appreciate what you guys do for bringing us news and stuff.

  2. I’m just wondering…could this actually be their last single of the duo career? I’m just wondering all because of the title, but does anybody know what this song is all about? It has been a long time (almost nine months!!!) since KinKi Kids have released a single under the duo together…

  3. Dear Ryan,

    Obviously not 🙂 I am sure they still need so many money to feed Pan-chan 🙂 Its not that long actually 🙂 As its their “Solo” year 🙂 Last time Anniversary took a while before releasing too 🙂 Don’t worry if you believe in KinKi Kids forever 🙂

    Obviously everything have an end, but I don’t think Swan Song will be thier last yet 😀


  4. i hope this is nt their last single,i dont want kinki split,coz theyve been together since 1992..btw im really wait for this song though,coz it kinki afterall..

  5. nana san,sory for dis question,did u gave me email for the past 6 mnths bfore..sory fr nt replying it,coz im rarely check my email..just lyk kochan..haha..

  6. Where do u come frm actually?

  7. Dear Chiaki244,

    Haha ~ Sorry I forgot too ~ I’m not sure, have to check if I did 🙂 Anyway I do not think its the last as I still look forward to their first own production Album 🙂 Anyway I am a Hong Kong Australian. (If this make any sense 🙂 )


  8. owh..k..cn i hv ur email?

  9. sori for l8 reply coz i dnt knw when will u reply it,truly sori..

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