[KinKi] KinKi Kids Concert Tour 2009-2010

KinKi Kids CONCERT TOUR 2009-2010




<地下鉄東豊線【豊平公園駅】より 徒歩約3分>
12/18(金) 18:30
12/19(土) 17:00
<JR【博多駅】より バス約13分>
<地下鉄・西鉄【天神駅】より バス約8分>
<地下鉄【呉服町駅】より バス約6分>
12/22(火) 18:30
12/23(水・祝) 17:00
12/30(水) 17:30
12/31(木) 17:30
2010/1/1(金・祝) 17:30
<JR大阪環状線【大正駅】より 徒歩約7分>
<地下鉄長堀鶴見緑地線【ドーム前千代崎駅】より 徒歩すぐ>
<阪神なんば線【ドーム前駅】より 徒歩すぐ>
1/9(土) 18:00
1/10(日) 18:00
1/11(月・祝) 16:00


Nana : Anyone have plan yet? 🙂 Me? I am going to 1st Jan as from the plan KinKi will Join the Countdown concert for Johnny’s again then I rather go to Kochan’s 31st Birthday Party XD So ~ Anyone ? 😀 Hope I can find a ticket…


5 Responses

  1. Hi!!!

    How do you get the tix?? So interested but never had a chance to go..

  2. Dear Soosoo7751,

    I am lucky to have friends helping me to draw a ticket, or else you can find a later post of mine about seraching for ticket handy 🙂

    Please keep on checking us out 🙂


  3. Sigh…

    Means there is no other way that i could get thru online???

  4. Hi Soosoo7751,

    Sorry for late reply, have been working till late night these days .. May I ask where do you come from ?

    In Hong Kong there is other ways to do it, or else you could find Yahoo Bid Japan or some other ticket site to buy them on line but it will be more expensive then original price.


  5. I will also going to january 1st, and now looking for someone who want to go with me on december 31st, anyone join me?I can reserve the ticket for u 😉

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