[Kouhaku] Singer List



3 Responses

  1. Why there’s no Kinki in the list ? =(

  2. Will KinKi appear on Johnn’s Countdown?

  3. Hi Motoko,

    KinKi haven’t been on Kouhaku for ages, last time is 1999 (Flower). That’s mainly due to they have concert in afternoon then countdown at night. Its a seriously exhausting schedule for them … (Please refer to 1999 Love Love Aishiteru New Year SP) Its really really bad. … T_T They work almost 48 hours for 31st and 1st Jan … T_T I don’t mind they are not on kouhaku anyway 😀

    Hi KinKi_Tsuyo

    Yes of course! 😀 Its in KinKi Main concert hall! 🙂


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