[Request] Shock Ticket request

Oh well ~ I know its gonna be real hard for this, but as this is my first time to watch Shock … so I really want to get a ticket… -_- Not really expensive one … -_-

So I post this request if anyone could help.

Requesting for 3 tickets to Endless Shock.

Can only be Saturday one as we all need to work.

Seats can be seperate. so I am looking for 1-3 tickets.

Price we are looking for Original price + Admin cost.

(Anyone have higher than that please let’s us know how much first .. -_- As we have been quiet broke already .. -_- Saving for more KinKi and Solo Concert coming up ..-_- )

I know its really hard .. but hope we have someone nice enough to get us all going T_T


7 Responses

  1. yes..me too! I’m looking for a pair of tickets for July Endless Shock too! First time going too~~!!

  2. hi Nana and all,

    I have one shock ticket for febuary 14th, I know its very close but my friend suddenly sick and I have no one going with me.
    I got the ticket from auction so the price higher than the original.
    not good seat but if anyone willing to go with me, please let me know.

  3. Hi Ran,

    Thanks for the Offer 😀 I can’t go unfortunately … cause I am not in Japan at the moment .. -_- Can’t make it, I need an air ticket …

    Do you mind if I ask how much you have paid for it? 🙂 I try to see anyone in Japan interested ..

    Sorry if I am to late to reply.

    ~ Nana~

  4. Nana thank you for your reply,
    fortunately, I find someone to go with me ^^v

  5. Hi Ran

    Really sorry for the late reply 😀 Please enjoy 😀 And I do look forward to your report XD


  6. Nana thank you!

    the show was GREAT!!!
    I do realize some change of the show, and the Taiko will be Koichi VS Yara plus Naoki. until last year only Koichi VS Naoki. Yara did his best for his 1st ^^
    Also they came for encore, Koichi said his feeling as if the show today is the last day(senshuraku).

  7. Dear Nana,

    I wonder when are u planing to go for shock?
    its really hard to find someone who want to give the original price ^^;;

    maybe I can help to find the ticket on auction or ticket shop in harajuku. also u can try http://www.ticket.co.jp
    some of them quite cheap due to A seat.

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