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This is a blog co-written by nana and summersnow.

We are JPop fans but in particular we love KINKI KIDS~

Nana like Koichi (kochan) more while Summersnow like Tsuyoshi (tsuyo) more.

We would love to share our news and view on KINKI and hope you could join in too ~ =)

This site will dominate mostly by Kinki’s News and sometime music, but we would also sometime talk about other artists too ~

So please come and leave a message ~

As long as they are not personal target we would love to chat with you guys~ =)

Thank you ~~

and Welcome to our Johnnys+J pop World


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  1. Hello! I really like your blog. I’m a KinKi Kids fan in the United Kingdom (the only fan here, maybe?!) and it’s good to be able to keep up to date with stuff.


  2. Welcome ~~ =) You are not the only one here ~ hehe At least there is me, nana, and SummerSnow =)

  3. Hi!
    Thanks a lot for this blog! I’m KinKi fan too from Russia and I’m really happy to find this place. 😉

  4. yeah northern hemisphere – southern hemisphere 😉
    but it’s great – KinKi Kids fans all around the world! ))
    and arigatou for “welcome” =))

  5. Hi Jay~ Welcome ~
    Woo~~Russia~~~ we are world apart~~
    We are from the southern hemisphere
    Welcome you here~ =)

  6. HaHa yea~~~ =p It’s so amazing to see Fans from all around the world ~ >.

  7. Hi! Thanks for your hard-work (^^) … Please ganbatte and don’t give up ~ 🙂

    I’m always with you ~

    I’m Kybiel and i come from a country in Asia , but not Japan *laugh* … Do you know Japanese ?

  8. HI Kybiel~ Thank you~ =)
    We are two girls in Australia~ =)
    SummerSnow and I (nana) are learning Japanese
    so we just know a bit~ =)Couldn’t say fluent on it
    Welcome you to our world~ ^.^


  9. Just read this 😛 So you two from Australia? Not that far from me then^^
    Yes, I’m glad I found this blog~

  10. Wow, I thought you girls are japanese as I see the side bars are full with Japanese characters.

    I should say, I’m happy to meet you two here *hugs and smile*

  11. Thanks Ryo, Tsuyocie and all those who comment, NANA and I both appreciate it ALOT. 😀

    ~Summer Snow

  12. I’m a KinKi Kids’s fan (Kochan more..hehe) in Thailand (near Equator…^^)…

    Yoroshiku Onegaishima~su m(_ _)m
    Gambatte Kudasa~i ne..

  13. Hi 51~ I guess from you 1st two comments is because of the sign … we could only use ^^ not the other one ~ hehe

    anyway ~ welcome you here ~~~~

    Kochirakosho yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ m(^-^)m


  14. Exactly!! ^^ll …a he he
    It’s because of the sign.

    Sorry for my unwitting multiple poses.

    Thank you for the welcome..

    Have you two ever been in Japan?

    …KinKi Forever… Yeh!! ^^v

  15. To 51~
    No worries ~ cause I have that too … on this blog first started I am angry not able to comment in long sentences ~ then I notice why… -_-

    Well I have went to Japan 6 years ago and last year end to this year start too ~ ^.^ (this time is for the I Con~)

    Me and SummerSnow is planning to go to Japan on coming Christmas~

    How about you?


  16. ii naaa!! be in Japan on Christmas ^O^

    I have went to Jap (in short period) 6 years ago also~
    what a coincident!
    and have been there for 4 years since 2002…
    I came back home (Thailand) on Sep last year

    Your blog is really GreaT!!
    Gambatte Kudasa~i

    Thanx for the kindness of you two ne ^.^d

  17. For study ^^
    Great time!!

    But never seen Nama-KinKi Kids…-”- How poor!
    Kirei deshou?!? Yappari
    ii naaaaaaaa~~ (again)

    I absolutely understand your…
    “..Not enough adj to describe him..”
    I agree.. he he

    For the bee..
    Yeah! or maybe he willl run to get insect spray just like in DIYH PV making *laugh*
    So cuteee ^w^

  18. To 51

    Oh~~~4 years in Japan!? Study? or work? ^.^ So good~~~~ I so want to be in Japan for a long while… So much to see~~~ Last time 9 days we are rushing… But yea~ Christmas in Japan is nice~~~ Snow and countdown and Kochan birthday~~ I was in Kochan birthday this year ~ So cute ~~~~ and Kochan is so small and so cute and so handsome and so beautiful~~~~ *(^.^)* Not enough adj to describe him ~ Looking at him running pass in front of me ~ I am just breathless~ Oh my god ~ how can a person that Kirei ne~~~ =(^0^)= and then how he squeeze Tsuyo hat so cute this little boy ~~~ (when did he went back to that innocent??? )

    Anyway Thank you so much for your support ~ ^.^ oh and Please have a look at this time DB when Kochan “confront” the bee~ hahahaha So cute~ he try to pretend clam ~ but I bet if the bee fly near him he will just ran as fast as he could to either backstage or behind tsuyo~~haha ~~~~ ^0^ I still remember how he said last time in Spain(?) to see F1 GP in the hotel there is a spider in his room and he just can’t sleep but looking at the spider while the spider “looking” at him ~ haha ~~~so cute~~~


  19. To 51:
    Haha Yes ~ I guess I know why sometime when people saw Kochan in street or just himself, their comment is “how small” Even though all the muscles he build in his body, like in close shot it is really really good~~ but when you look at a far away distance he is … small and thin … really really thin … when he was in shock we give him a nickname as “Paper figure” 2D not 3D one … and he always lied about his weight… I bet he is only aroudn 48-53 KG never 56 unless he wore all those recorder, and all those clothing on him… He just too thin!!! and remember he was 169 Cm… normal weight may be 60-70Kg… ??

    But yea… he is just too beautiful … Sometime i really find him more beautiful then a girl… Jealous… His face his eyes his mouth… man … I bet his mum is a really really beautiful woman… At least we knew his mum is a really polite well educated professional woman… His mum was on Donya for once ages ages ago, when Kochan rang home ~ hehe ~ he scared his mum for a bit ~ ^.^

    Anyway Yea…for the poor insect (well I hate insect esp bee cause I got chase by it before…) will be full of insect spray haha ~ Yea I remember how Kochan spray half can of insect spray onto files? Haha man… its really kill i guess .. ^w^ Kawaii~~~~~

    Or just ask Tsuyo to kill it ~~~haha I think I remember when they live together, Tsuyo is the one who responsible of “taking” insect away (I think cause Tsuyo is in Buddhist religion so he didn’t kill insect)


  20. Hahahaha+++ 2D Koichi
    Umm so..that’s why OKyakuSan always shout “Chibi!!” -*-

    Sometimes I think maybe Kochan is the real “Last Child” as in Jyu-Oh-Sei ^3^
    cuz, except the voice (haha), he has many parts like Thor… Strong Smart Genius Talented Beautiful and many adjectives so on *laugh*
    What a good DNA

    Koichi = Thor Plus Funny…

    I’ve not listened Donya that’s his mum be on air
    Ahh.. wanna hear Kochan get kowai by his mum

    Tsuyochan is really generous ne ^v^
    In Utaban last year that Nakaikun popped the question “Actually you guys love each other?”
    I reallllllyyy love their reaction and their shy smile
    Nice relationship ne

  21. To 51,

    Really good DNA~~ ^.^ his dad is hard working to the max from heart and is a really gentleman (from his worker in his company) and his mum is a gentle person too ~ and also must be beautiful as Kochan look like his mum ~ ^.^

    I didn’t heard that radio program but it was recorded in Donnya’s book ~ He just rang his mum because is his mum birthday~ and then tsuyo notice it and laughing saying “what are you doing~~~”

    and then his mum pick up Kochan just said” Mum~” his mum can’t notice his voice and just said “E? who?” Kochan said ” is Kochan here~”
    “oh Kochan~ You scared me ~ haha” but all the words she said from answering the phone is in polite form… -_-

    haha ~~ Yea the love question~~ if you like their shy smile, have you look the really earlier one where they play game? When there is one request that Kochan have to hold Tsuyo hand. Tsuyo just hold his hand in two hands and touching it ~~haha ~ and Kochan was shy and just hit his head and said ” what are you doing!? ^////^” and Tsuyo is smiling shy shy too ~~~so cute~~~~~ *melting*


  22. yay! KinKi Kids fanatics!!! ^___^ and im reaLLy glad you have some space for my aLso favorite pair ~Tackey and Tsubasa~

    just good things come in pairs neh?!

  23. to Karin-chan~

    Welcome here~~ hehe ~ I guess not only good things come in pairs~ but I love Tackey and Tsubasa ~~~hehe ~saw them grown~~ =(^.^)= so really really like them~~~hehe ~~~

    and our blog here is for Johnny’s artist~~so that’s why~ oh but then ~ I don’t know but recently I am scare when there is not much news from them~~ I am thinking “oh where is Takki and Tsubasa gone~~~~ -_-

    anyway ~ welcome to our home~~~


  24. Hello!
    I’m a KinKi fan from Taiwan, and now stay in New York till October =)
    coz of the casting call, I found here
    although I want to join the movie
    however I’m not Japanese~sigh….

    Maybe if someone knows the shooting location
    I could go and see….

    It’s really a good blog^_^
    thank you for lots of news of Johnnys
    I’m so happy to find this place=)

  25. To Tina:

    Nice to meet you~ =)

    Go~~~ Casting today~~~ Well well you don’t need to be a Japanese to be there~~ hehe ~ Kochan said “Try~” haha So I let you go now~~ Just go and try ~~~never say never before you try~ ^.^ (learn from Kcohan) but don’t hurt yourself… (Don’t learn from Kochan)


    Nana~ ^3^

  26. hi again!! ^__^

    you guys Like TxT?! whew thats a relief.. at Least i know there are still people out there who still believes in their magic. Of course they are still here to stay, and with fans like me im not letting them go down the drain…

  27. btw, can i ask where can i i find chibi kinki kids pics? and j-friends and koichi-nagase or okada-tsuyoshi? or tackey-koichi?

    pls help me.. im finding those pic for like jurassic years!!

  28. Hi Karin-chan

    Welcome back~ Well we are not a hugh fans of them~ but I am fine with them~ and jealous for their beautiful PV in Ho!Summer~ when our natsu moyo… -_- and I can’t help but crack up laughing when I saw Dame PV~ but I guess its just they are really really good friends that move me ~ hehe ~ and seeing them grow up too ~

    Where can you get young young kinki picture? That’s hard… well check us out~ haha ~ At least I am planning to upload some young Tsuyo photo~ J-friends…mmm there is not much young tho… that’s 1997 group… not much new …

    Koichi-nagase-Tsuyoshi I got one but not when they are young…

    Okada-tsuyoshi.. I don’t know … I could try to find … but hardly…

    Tackey-Koichi picture will be really rare when they are young, Cause when Tackey just get into JR, Koichi and Tsuyoshi already sort of debut.. (I mean already acting and have the senpai relationship) I got old clips ~ really old one … I will upload it soon …

    Well i guess those young young picture is hard to find may also due to internet and computer just common (still just) I know fans that got a lot of their picture in Jr but … those are in HK and she is studying in Australia… not much help…

    I will try to upload more of their JR days stuff soon and hopefully their 1st concert next week~ 10th anniversary JE is not doing anything for us ~ let do something ourself~ and I think I will write a postcard to JE and complain a bit about this ~ and also sent them a postcard of 10th anniversary ~ =)

    ~ Nana~

  29. (*≧▽≦)オハツでっす♪

    Hi there!

    I am a kinki fan from Singapore, and I am really glad I found this site.

    I just want to say you guys did a great job bringing Kinki kids news for fans like me!


  30. to Anpanman,

    Hi~ Thank you for your support~ =) Hope everyone happy for esp this year ~haha~~~ =)

    and Welcome you anytime~ =)

    ~ nana~

  31. I just found here, through Wayne’s blog. 😀
    Nana, so you were the person who went to Airport and met Kochan? I read a post on chinese bbs and you were the author, right? thanks a lot for sharing and that’s very kind of you to write the report!

    I live in SF bay area and I’m glad to meet fans in the US and around the world.

    yoroshiku 🙂

  32. Hi Natsumi,
    haha~ Nope I won’t be there actually~ I am in the souther hemisphere … Me and SummerSnow are in Australia (where kochan said he quiet want to come but never..) Yea I guess if you are in Momo’s blog I have translated it into Chinese last night… (eh.. or this morning~)

    Oh you live in SF~ Didn’t you went to airport? >__________

  33. Hi Nana,

    Actually Koichi has been to Australia, 2 Times! 😀 once for Love Love Aishiteru and once for another variety show (Japan Walker?). I remember seeing him kissing dolphin and hug Kuala bears. 😀

    where is momo’s blog?

    SF is far from NYC…3 hours of flight. 😛 Although I was day dreaming that I could go stalk him. If I found out about his schedule earlier, I might have booked my ticket to NYC. lol

  34. hi Natsumi,

    Yea~ He and Tsuyoshi comes to Australia in 1999 (I think) for LLA but then he never come to my place~~~ They only went to Queensland (Which I funny enough early last year for my own fulfillment walk around Gold Coast where they went before) and Sydney (I also walk around too last year end) But I am not living there -_- Come to Melbourne! We got fish ! We got F1! We got Musical! 0.0 COME~~~~~~

    Kochan also come again with Tokio Yamaguchi to Hamilton Island (A really nice place) and Cains but not to Melbourne again~~~~ -_- So It didn’t count~~~~ 🙂 Haha~

    Momo’s blog is a really great HK fans~ She was so good to translate interview, tell us rumour and leaks, also she is really good to scan photo for us~ 🙂

    Oh by the way ~ Today you guys temperature is 51 Degree?? THATS SO HOT! GOSH~ I hope NY will not be that hot… Wonder how Wayne and Kochan going in there… -_-

    Haha~~~ just stalk him~~~ hehe ~~~ Just stalk him to hotel~~~~haha~ I will day dream of suddenly see him in Australia~ 🙂


  35. The Gold Coast up in Queensland is like Japan town. Everyone from japan goes there. Lol. I think Arashi was there as well and they bypassed the other places. It’s either the Gold Coast or Sydney. 😦

    I was so annoyed to find out that Goro from smap turned up in Melbourne to watch the swimming competition or do something for Asahi TV without us knowing. Arrghh!!! And I thought Nino would have come down to promote his film. But nothing.

    Comeone Johnny’s Ent, Melbourne has lots of things to see. The only problem with it is its weather.

    I’ll pay anything to see any Jpop/j-rock/j-star or Johnny’s come down and perform… okay…Well almost anyone.

    ~Summer Snow

  36. hello! i love ure blog!
    erm.. i have problem with downloading Time album

  37. nice to meet you, I am glad I found this blog, I am KK fan, living in Australia.
    It’s so hard to common fan who use english, most forum & BBS are chinese base, so when I write Eng, no one really response (samishii)

  38. Welcome tkfund, hope you enjoy our blog. The reason why we started this blog was because of the same reason that you say.

    There isn’t alot of sites [I think maybe about 3 that does] that report KinKi Kids news in English, that’s up to date and give the latest news, so we thought it’s unfair for those non japanese and non chinese fans out there that can’t understand and don’t know much about KinKi Kids [and other Johnny’s as well, but mostly KinKi Kids — you can see where most of our love lie. Lol]

    Most fans use wiki to look up on KK, to be honest wikipedia isn’t that accurate, there’s not much on them and – I’ve seen huge mistakes on other artists including some info regarding KK [well I guess that’s what you get when you compile info from different people from different sites].
    Not everything is in english cos we don’t translate everything. Either too difficult, too time consuming or too lazy. We’re only two people but we try our best to translate the things that matter. 😀

    Anyway enjoy your stay here tkfund and welcome. 😀 😀 😀

  39. Hello,

    I just left comment on WINK UP but decided to say hi here again.

    I am a Canadian living in China right now so I get very limited access to KK stuff. Really thankful for fans like u girls who’s willing to share.


  40. To Yorunohoshi,

    Which part of China you are in? If you are in Shanghai you are way better then us in Australia XD

    Oh by the way~ if you know online download it will be way better then waiting, cause most of Chinese fans do that~ And if you know Clubbox this download system you will be way up-to-date~ XD


  41. To Nana

    I’m in Beijing. When it comes to computer I am a complete idiot!!! ButI’ll ask others about Clubbox, thanks.

  42. To Yorunohoshi,

    Clubbox is a Korean box, and because Korean there are some Korean site that have really up-to-date program upload~ Cause they have reception of Japan TV~ 🙂


  43. Hai Hai…

    Im a Kinki Kids fan from Singapore esp Kochan! Just wanna say that I was so happy and excited when I found out regarding this blog that I nearly jump up the roof (altho I didn’t hehe…). Niwae keep up the good work and thank you again : – )

    Yoroshiku Onegaishima and Gambatte Kudasa…

  44. lol, glad you like our blog. I’m glad you didn’t jump up the roof cos we still need you here to enjoy our blog.

    And thanks for your word of support, we appreciate that. 😀

  45. Hi! i love your blog.. I’m soo happy that I found it :p I’m from Poland.. and I’m big fan of Jpop especially Arashi 😀

    bye 🙂

  46. To alix,

    You are welcome 🙂 Arashi is great too XD We love them too cause they are cute XD


  47. Cool. Hi alix, hope you like it here. And wow Johnny’s have fans everywhere, which is great to see. ^_^

    Yeah NANA and I both like Arashi as well. As to who is our favourite, let’s just say that we like them all. Can’t really hate them when they’re so funny. lol.

  48. I like Sho the most 😀 and Aiba is soo funny 😀
    I/m sure that enjoy your blog 😀 of course that Johnny’s fans are everywhere.. but I’m sure that arashi or Kat-tun or another group from Japan will not come to Poland to make concert or somthing like that 😦 it’s sad .. 😦

  49. To Alix,

    Well … not that we are any better XD Australia is the world big backyard ~ So until they finished every other where they will not come XD

    We have already admit our fate XD


  50. I have to do the same xD but someday I will do to Japan 😛 and I’ll go to their concert 😀 I think that members of Arashi don’t know that they have fans in Poland 😀 for them Poland is soo exotic 😛

  51. To Alix,

    Our plan is going this year end XD If i got a job seriously !XD
    I went there new year time, and was so great! XD
    Oh, a suggestion, sent them a postcard of Poland to Johnny’s wrote in Japanese even if the simplest doesn’t matter, you may got some reply XD You will never know 🙂
    Try!!! Even they don’t reply at least they know there is fans in Poland 🙂

    Oh~ and try their radio station too ~ Cause usually there have more luck 🙂


  52. to nana..

    that’s great that you will go to Japan.. aI have to wait becouse i”m only 17 and I don’t have seriously job 😛 but I can’t speak in japaneas 😛 they have their owna radio station?? do you know some e- maile or somethig like that to Arashi?? 😀 i will write some letter but in english 😛

  53. To Alix,

    I don’t know Email… but you could write a postcard and sent to Johnny’s. I guess at least Sho knows english!? They are in uni … and Nino ???
    Just sent it to them, with the heart that at least they know you from Poland~ The most interesting may be make a Postcard for them 🙂

    I could help you to find the address to sent to 🙂


  54. hmm.. I don’t think that is good idea with this postcard 😛 I’m so confused 😛 but maybe I will do it 😛 but I’m happy that you want to help me 🙂

  55. To alix,

    Fufu~ make one, The only way to make it outstanding from the million letter sent to them~
    mm~ I don’t know but me and SummerSnow done it several time already:) And also for Kochan I done a signature collection to sent to Kochan too ~ i just think the only way that could let them know us “International Fans” exists is to sent them a letter or postcard 🙂 I sent them a postcard every birthday 🙂 Cause i think they deserve support 🙂

    Anyway ~ If you want the address let me know 🙂


  56. Hai Nana and Summersnow,

    I’m Kinki Kids fan from Malaysia esp Kochan. I’m soo happy that I found your blog. I love your blog very much. So that, I can get more news about Kinki Kid.

    Thanks a lot.

  57. To cutiehinata,

    Hihi~ Welcome you here 🙂 Summersnow and I love comments XD any questions about anything just ask ~ We will try our best to help XD


  58. I can’t believe I haven’t been on this topic xD I shall introduce myself properly ^^

    I’m living in Sydney, quite close to where you gals live eh. Currently a uni student studying my brain out =_=; Anyway I love KinKi to the max although I can’t say I was a really dedicated fan until last year LOL I thought they were brothers for at least 6 years! I love Koichi when he’s with Tsuyoshi and the same goes for Tsuyoshi, especially when the love love mood is on ahaha that’s just too cute for words~ >3< Lately Tsuyoshi has been digging a hole in my heart and it’s getting deeper and deeper *yabai!* xD

    Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!

  59. to nana 😉

    maybe I will do some special poscard from Poznań.. but maybe later becouse now I hace a lot of study. . but You can give me address 🙂

  60. hi everyone, my name is mikki and i’m from UK =) nice meeting everyone here!
    nana-chan, can you send me an email? please?>< It’s just that I want to go and see kinki at the end of the year, and i’m missing a travelling buddy…XDD I can’t find your email address anywhere on this blog. Are you going this year? If you are, please send me an email! Hope to hear from you soon!!xxx

  61. to alix. Sorry I couldn’t find the address at the moment. If you have happen to finish your postcard design and you decided to send it. Let me know and I will send it to your email.

    Thanks. 😀

  62. ok 🙂 when I finish it I will tell you 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  63. hi, Nana and SummerSnow…

    i’m a NewS & YamaP fan from Malaysia. i happend to drop to ur site by mistake (just clicking here and there in www and ops! fall here). what i can say…. whoa…. nice site. coz it’s mostly written in english. what happen is… i keep come back to this site and look for NewS update and i admit that… i do take some of their information here with credits in my blog site. (hope u don’t mind) i really love NewS and YamaP. Thanks a lot for sharing the informations, thank you very much. I do think i need to write in this reply just to let u know this. jaa… ^__^

  64. Hey Nana and SummerSnow.
    OMG, you people are from Australia?!!! I’m from Australia too! It’s pretty non-je here aye. I never talk about je or kinki kids with anyone here – nearly everything i know about it is from the internet. btw, i love arashi heaps too but kinki kids was my first je group i was obsessed with .neway, I just found your site and reckon its awesomeness. feel free to say hi to me by email ^_^

  65. To Roxy,

    Fufu~ Welcome you here 😀
    Which part of Australia you come from? XD We love to know who is from AustraliaXD
    Me and SummerSnow also think there will never be anyone in Australia that love JE things XD Until we met in Uni XD I still remember how shock it was XDDD

    Welcome you here XD


  66. Wow, meeting someone that loves JE in uni seems like an awesome story -like out of a movie. It must be great talking with each other about anything JE related. Unfortunately i’m yet to meet anyone who loves JE. I live in Townsville (qld), but I might move out of town soon – mayb.

  67. To Roxy,

    If you get to Gold Coast … Man they are all Jap XD haha~
    But well … Yes~ cause before I don’t even try to tell people I like Kinki unless they are my best friend 🙂 Esp SummerSnow is a native Australian XD No way I will ever sell it to an Australian XDDD Cutlural difference XD It was so funny when she said “What ~ you like Kinki Kids!?” XDDDDD and then my other friend start to regret letting us meet hehe~~ Cause we could talk non-stop fufu 😀


  68. Hello,
    I’ve been reading your website for uite some time. This is a really great ebsite. I bet you might have sweat a lot doing it.

    I’m doing a blog about Yamapi, so I’d like to know whether I can direct link to your website or not.

    I hope you go on posting many good things about Johnnys juniors. I love you two!

  69. To earth,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes You could link us in your blog 🙂


  70. wow great site!! lots of kinki infooooooヾ(≧∇≦)ノ” thanks!! and keep up!! ganbattekudasaine~

  71. To tae,

    Thanks for your comment 🙂


  72. I think you saw some of my posts as comments about news & specially scans before, but I thought I should just leave one here =)

    Humm, I’m a KinKi fan (Tsuyosh’kun fan in fact =p) from Morocco, and I’m a 19′ BOY (so KinKi fans aren’t always fangirls xDDD)
    Thanks a LOT for this site, really intestin’, and really updated with latest news & scans =)
    Keep your good work please, and share the KinKi Love *.*

    See ya~ =3

  73. To sim’

    I … I am shocked XD
    Sorry for those comment like stupid fansgirls XD
    Morocco~~~ Wooo ~~can’t imagine XD So Why and When did you like them ? XD


  74. Hey nana! =)

    Humm… Don’t really remember how did all this began…
    The first song I heard of them was SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! in 2005 (on a TV show maybe), I enjoyed it but I was soo “AYU FAN 100%” that I didn’t really care about others than Ayu at that time xD
    Then came the huge “Harmony of December” with promotion on TV Shows and I just loved them! ❤
    And it was the release of ’39’ that encouraged me to FIIINALLY give a listen to all their discography, and it’s a puuure happiness =D

    For the Why, I think it’s just because they are unique, they have a unique style, and are one of those few Johnny’s I can stand (KinKi Kids, KAT-TUN and nothing else! xDD), the really play the music style I love, deep ballads & smooth pop songs, it’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for me <333
    Humm, I believe they are the only (beside KAT-TUN) that can interest male audience with their style, other groups are just MEH… xD Maybe because I’m a guy ? xD

    His voice, acting, lyrics, his photoshoots, everything from his solo career to ENDLICHERI to KinKi, he never disappointed me (beside some weird hairstyles xD)

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your blog, and please I DO love your comments (not stupid of course, I’m often LMAO when you add those little things after Tsuyoshkun’s diaries =333)

  75. hai there..
    im a KinKi Kids fan frm Malaysia..
    realy hepi found ur blog ne..
    hope u can keep updatin KinKi’s news 4 us..
    39 very much ne..

  76. To Sim’

    Thanks for you unique view in Kinki XDDDD I never guess a male fans in Johnny’s XDDDD HAha~ I am happy ~ got to say 😀

    You are gay? Serious XDDDDD I don’t mind tho XDDDD but I think Kinki is perfectly okay la XDDDD

    To Nurika,

    Thanks for your support 😀 and you are welcome 😀


  77. hello!I’m KinKi Kids fans from Indonesia…really happy to found your blog too. sankyuu!

  78. To Koji,

    Nice to Meet you 😀


  79. can u help me?
    i want 2 download ko-chan’s song,but failed 2 find it..
    dis is da song dat i want..
    -deep in your heart..
    -kagen no tsuki..

  80. why is it so hard to post a comment..Anyway i love ur blog…Love KK should i say…Keep up the good wrk..

  81. Hajimemashite.

    I’m nagareboshi1 from San Jose, California.

    Since I’ve only been a KinKi Kids’ fan since last year, so I’d need to catch up and learn from all of you in this forum. Thanks for your continuous hard work in updating KinKi’s news in this forum.


  82. Hi, I came to this site from your posting on Veoh about the DVD project.
    Im from Japan and now in San Jose, CA as a student. Im so into Kochan*

    I was surprised that i found here cuz it was my first time to see a KinKi Kids website in English….fantastic*
    And also I was soooo surprized that there was one who lived in San Jose!! (you! nagareboshi1!!)

  83. To Kana,

    Yoroshiku ~ Fufufu~ you find someone in San Jose with you ~ That’s good 😀

    Well Me and Summersnow start this up as we think there were a lot of forum that had Johnny’s + others but not really just JE. As we are KinKi fans, we decided to start this up 🙂 and as me and SummerSnow learning Japanese, this is one way for us to increase our knowledge 🙂

    Fufufu~ Welcome you to our blog:) Yoroshiku ne~

    To nagareboshi1,

    Oh you are a recent fans~ that;s okay ~ How lovely you get in this year and got all those lovely news coming up XD Welcome you to our KinKi family and Yoroshiku ne~ 😀


  84. Hi Nana and friends!
    Hajimemashite, I’m a KinKi fan from Spain! =D I’m so happy to found a really great web site like this! Ganbatte ne!
    I’m so surprised about last KinKi Con and Dvd or kiss thing… I love so much KinKi and I can’t believe that… What can I do for help you in the proyect? I can’t acces to the links in the blog recently (about the DVD proyect).

    Btw, I’m going to Japan this april, if you are there I wish to know you (But my english is so poor… sorry!>_<) Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

    Thank you for your great word and love for KinKi, it’s amazing.



  85. Thank you for your great WORK not Word (but your words too XD)! (本当に英語が下手だよな。。。ごめんね!)

  86. To Lau,

    Hajimemashite~ Yoroshiku ne~
    Oh You’re from Spring~ So cool~ 😀
    Oh you are going to Japan on April? Remember to see Sushi Prince Movie XDDD

    You mean the DVD Project? You could just sent a email to Donnya, or to Johnny’s stating we want our DVD 🙂
    If you can’t go to my link , you could search on line using the titel “Phi con DVD cosign project” there were several links on site now 🙂 You just copy and paste on your blog or forum and spread it around 🙂 We want to make it as large as possible 🙂

    English not good? My english is more worst than yours XD So don’t worry 🙂


  87. Thanks for the warm welcome. =)

    I’m also equally surprised that there’s someone else from San Jose.

    Hi, Kana! We’d be balanced enough since you like Ko-chan and I like Tsuyo, but the most important thing is that we love both of them as KinKi Kids, ne…. =)

    Yeah, I felt lucky that I’ve started to become a fan since last year, otherwise, I would’ve missed the rabu-rabu action in the con last January. =P

    Kore kara mo 4649. =)

  88. To nagareboshi1,

    Fufu~ Just like me and SummerSnow, I love Kochan more and SummerSnow love Tsuyo more XD

    Well you didn’t miss out on the Rafu Rafu thing ~ but you miss out on their music at the moment 😀 Go and get them all back Hahahahaha <— Evil here XD



  89. Nana,

    Yeah, still working on the music part. Got all the album CDs, but still missing 2-3 singles… Gambarimasu! =) Good thing that JE re-released the older KK single CD’s.


  90. To Nana
    I need some advice from you ~
    Could you tell me your email address ? Or you send me a mail to let know about your email address …
    I really need some private advice from you, help me please ~

  91. Hi Yukiji,

    I have sent you an email already 🙂


  92. your site guys is just great!t
    thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!1

    oh God! my tsu is getting more and more spectacular day by day

  93. hi nana and summersnow!
    i read your blog religiously and i think it is great.
    i was wondering since you guys are like huge kinki kids fans whether any of you have their single “ne ganbaruyo”?
    i have all their other songs but this one seems especially difficult to find anywhere! please help because it is like one of my fav kinki songs ever.
    i would be eternally grateful if you could send the sing to me via email!!

  94. Hello. I am a very big Kinki fan in Hungary and thanks for this page

  95. Hi!

    I am very new here but I would like to find out if any one knows how to buy tickets for the kinki kids concert coming up in July @ tokyo dome?

    We are 2 gals from singapore and have intentions to go watch the concert. Any one can help pls?


  96. Hello!
    What a great blog!
    I’m a huge Kinki fan (especially Kochan) living in LA and I read this blog everyday. You would think that since I live in such a big US city, I would have seen at least one Japanese celebrity, but no such luck. If you hear any news of Kinki coming to LA, please let me know!
    Anyways, thank you Nana and Summer Snow!
    Ouenshitemasu node ganbatte kudasai!

  97. hi summersnow n nana!!

    mi from singapore and realli like this blog!
    i like tsuyo better… like him since To Heart… that was like… 9 years ago??
    mi is the same age as both of them… wat bout u all?

    よろしく! =p

  98. hi!
    I love your blog!
    My blog is Jpop (news) and I must admit that
    I really like this blog!
    thanks! continue their efforts!
    (I really talk in spanish)

  99. Hihi~ I’m a KinKi fren from Singapore! Found your blog at a Google search and simply loved it at first sight!

    Nice to meet you!!!

  100. Hello! i am Kinki Kids fan from Brunei Darussalam

  101. I really love them, but more into Tsuyoshi, i fall in love with him since i watch Summer Snow , he is really cuuuteeeeeeee! kakkoiii sometimes…..i love his acting and i love him with Ryoko Hirosue they are really cute together and i hope they will be together in real life same with Koichi, i would really like to see him together with Kyoko Fukada in real life coz i really love them since i watch Remote..sorry if my comment is too long and if u r not agree with me..i just being honest. I will write again..ja,Lastly, Domoto Tsuyoshi aishiteiru,,,,,,,

  102. Tsuyoshi domoto no koto aishiteiru….ai ai ai aishiteru

  103. hajimemashite…….,i am kinki kids fans too,i like their song n i assume tsuyoshi as my big brother thats why i like him as my brother bcuz he really funny n kawaiiii……….

  104. hajimemashitae..,i am kinki kids fans too.i like their song n i claim tsuyoshi as my big brother thats why i like him as my brother bcuz he really funny n cute….. tsuyoshi nichan ganbatte kudasai n aza-aza hwiting!!!.

  105. Hi’s XD I’m KinKi Kids fans too XDD and my sister as well^_^ especially Koichi!
    gyah! his new single is releasing soon and I’m kinda excited XDDD

  106. Nana or Summersnow,
    I have a question for you re: KinKi’s winter concert. Would you mind replying to me via email?

  107. Hi Nana, Summer Snow and other KinKi`s Fans

    I am very happy when I find this site 🙂
    full of kinki stuffs 😀

    I am KinKi Kids fans specialy kochan. I am living in Tokyo and would like to know any KinKi`s fans living around. Actually I am desperate because no KinKi`s fans around me, I would like to attend the concert with any of you girls 🙂

  108. Hi Ran,
    I’m actually going to attend the 12/31 concert, and I happen to have 1 extra ticket.. would you be interested?
    Email me at hidamari12@gmail.com if you do. (^^)

  109. hi hidamari,

    thanks for your offer, actually i am waiting for my friend, if she can go with me or not. because i dont want to go alone T__T if she cancel to join in i would be very please to go with you…anyway is it only 1 ticket left? :p~

  110. Haha Ran/Hidamari 🙂

    You all welcome 🙂 But I am not sure if I able to go on 1st Jan yet .. Actually not 31st as I still have to work .. T_T

    For 1st Jan I don’t think I have a ticket on hand .. yet .. T_T

    Sign~ Anyway I do hope I able to go and meet up with you both 😀


  111. hi nana,

    It will be great to meet you all.
    if you need help for the ticket just mail me, I can search it on yahoo auction for u.

    just let me know 😉

  112. hi Ran,

    Thanks for the offer 🙂
    Hope to see you all soon 😀


  113. Hi Iam kinki super fans, lam come from HK,
    I have buy kinki j ablum, very good music…..

  114. hi Kathy Leung

    yeah..J Album so fantastic, I like “missing” so much,
    eventough koichi`s spell not as good as tsuyo, I love this song~* 🙂

    Nana, lets meet before/after concert. just mail me plz 🙂 its would be great meeting you all ^o^

  115. I think it is the first time I read this blog, and.. let me say it is great! I’m a big fan of KinkiKids.. and I’m absolutely in love with Tsuyoshi n.n And i’m more than happy everytime I find new sites and people dedicated to them..

    For me is kind of difficult to find info of certain things, sometimes the language can be a problem.. I’m from Chile (SouthAmerica) so, found a website in English with so much stuff was really cool ;D thank you!

    Best regards.

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