[KinKi]Domoto Tsuyoshi Kanzen Cosplay!


To all super fans of KinKi~

Just now I have watched Domoto Tsuyoshi no Shoujiki Shindoi

If anyone have read the report of last week episode….

in the last part of Shindoi, Tsuyoshi, Mai and YOU san

they tried to find someone who have the same fashion style with 24

and within 3 hrs (? cant remember) they found 7 person who wear like 24

in nakameguro (which is a reli reli reli reli gorgeous place in Tokyo~I <3)

Lastly, luvly 24 made an announcement as follow


If anyone who are interested in cosplay 24,
please go to tv asahi’s webpage and take a look ^^

Next Date: Domoto Tsuyoshi with Katou Rosa
(Scandal – Akanishi Jin’s girl friend; my Chiyaki sama’s (nodame) ex-gf)

Funny preview:


XD…so cute!

[KinKi] 2007 Endlicheri Concert Tsuyoshi MC

“At this point, we are living in this twisted generation

Even loving people is starting to be difficult

Before walking on to this stage

I had been lied to many times

Been hurt a lot of times

Been verbally abused off

Really, you can’t really imagine

From the age of 18

Around 5 years ago

I have been thinking, just die

[I was] Really thinking that way

But I didn’t die

I kept on thinking these kinds of things
Even I was afraid to love

I was rescued by someone next to me by love

If I were to die that time

I would not be able to stand right here

I wouldn’t be able to meet you guys

Even though, I would not think about dying now

But because as a human, there will be times when you think about dieing

I don’t know when it [this feeling] will come

Although I may still be hurt [by people], still hear a lot of abusive words [at me]

But, because of you guys that come to the “Water Tank” [Concert Arena] to see me

That’s why I set up Endlicheri this place where I believe in Love

Please don’t give up

Believe in love

In this twisted generation

We need to feel love more and to [give] love

Love that you give out, feels like it has vanished from your body

But, will eventually come around

I’ve gone through it

Don’t be afraid

Have the courage to love the ones around you

Those you love

Those that love you

Those that you may never see again

Spread this way of thinking

Even to those you may never see again

Your feelings and thoughts can spread like the sky


I love to watch the sky in the morning

Telling my heart to

Live hard

Then, when I come to the front of the changing room

Thinking hard

That I have to spread this love to you guys

This is a twisted generation

Even love is hard and complicated

Therefore we have to think

and look at the meaning of love

My words is not everything

I am not God

and wouldn’t dare to dream of changing anything

However, if I could help you guys start to look at love again

Even [as little as] 1 mm is good enough

If everyone’s love could have a good start and move forward

As a group we can do something [make a difference]

So, don’t give up

Our heart is [infinite] like the universe

Believe in love

Love others

and spread this feeling and thoughts around.

That’s all.”

(From Tsuyoshi in Water Tank)

[Kinki] J-web Hey!hey!hey! recording report (Abstract)

Conent include :

1. “Any pressure of keeping No 1 for 25 singe [nana: Of course they will say no … ]

2. About after Tokyo Dome 39 event, Tsuyo want to invite Kochan to dinner [nana: He found out Kochan was just too tired so he decided to give him some time of rest / sleep]

3. Kochan tyre loving talk

4. Main Attention point– Kinki Vs Downtown “Celebration, Debut 10 years project” quiz game. Its about which side (Downtown or Kinki) have more understanding to each other partner, for example “What is Kochan thinking, Tsuyoshi please answer!”

After talk is song performance.

1.Both of them were wearing white coat and black trousers.

2. Kochan said to audience before recording: “Today is holiday, but in this holiday I still filming for movie till 10am, the day before I have filmed till midnight 3 am, No sleep!!” Tsuyo reply: “Don’t worry, I am here!” [nana: 0____0]

3. Singing Eien ni

4. After recording, Kinki talked with Audience

Kochan: “After 10 years, this song is our starting point.”

Tsuyo :”What a great song! isn’t it?”

Kochan: “Eien ni this song title, Everybody probably will use it to describe us. (laugh) Hopefully you guys will also put those thing aroun you, like dating, personal relationship, etc with this song.”

Kochan: “Anyone in here went to Dome 10th year event?” some audience reply.

Kochan :”After it finished, Everybody keep on clapping for a long time?”

Tsuyo: “That day is the first day of 11th year. To us, receiving yours clapping, just like everybody said to us “please walk towards 11th anniversary””

Kochan: “The look of everybody clapping for us, in fact we in the top of dome building still looking. Again deeply felt everybody warmest feeling, and how we are being supported by staff.”

Tsuyo : “Staff also said to us: “you guys have these great fans, what an amazing gift!” ”

[nana: l0l *Crying… Having you guys as our idol or someone to admire to, is also an really graceful amazing gift~ Thank you so much for you guys to work the hardest just for us, just to stay in this toughest industry to entertain us, to give us pleasure and something to cry for… You guys, Kochan and Tsuyo are so amazing…”

[Rumour] Smap trying to break away from JE and moving to Avex

Rumour has it that Smap record label Victor entertainment is having some financial problems and that Smap is thinking of signing up to Avex.

It’s not really news to us at D2 that Smap want to move away from JE, but’s it’s news to us that they want to move to Avex. It will be interesting to see what will come out of this.

(Summer Snow: Anyway is it just me, but I’m slightly annoyed with the “fast-approaching-middle-age” comment on SMAP on this article. It’s a very tabloid comment and really unnecessary.)

The article below is from Sunday Mainichi (9/2)


Kumi Koda & Masahiro Nakai getting intimate while SMAP and Avex just flirt

News that Masahiro Nakai is dating pop queen Kumi Koda has also lifted the lid on speculation that the front man of the “fast-approaching-middle-age” boy band SMAP may be looking at some major changes, according to Sunday Mainichi (9/2).

Nakai, 35, has been SMAP’s front man since it first burst onto Japan’s showbiz scene in the early ’90s. But the band is now facing a crisis, as its record label throughout that time, Victor Entertainment, is about to be swallowed up by parent company Victor Japan due to of cash flow problems.

“What all that means is that record companies across the country are fighting to try and get SMAP to sign with them,” a music company’s top boss tells Sunday Mainichi on condition of anonymity. “Giving a few names, there’s the foreign-funded Universal Music, but also powerful Avex; where, of course, Koda is signed up.”

While Nakai and Koda are apparently snuggling up, it looks like their respective record companies may be in the same process.

“Avex has a deal with SMAP’s agency Joy Dream to produce and distribute anime movies,” the boss says. “And Hisahiko Iida, who looked after SMAP at Victor when they were still a group of unknowns, has just been appointed as a director at Avex.”

SMAP is also rumored to be looking to break away from Johnny & Associates, Japan’s most famous talent agency and renowned for its ability to churn out pretty boy bands. But Johnny’s is having plenty of input in who SMAP signs up with, and it’s not really looking in Avex’s direction.

“Julie Fujishima, who’s said to be most likely to take over Johnny & Associates, is often called SMAP’s creator. She doesn’t want SMAP to break off the links it has to Johnny’s, so she’s looking to get the band to sign up with Universal, not Avex,” a music producer says. “SMAP’s members will make the final decision on where the band goes, though.”

Even though the creator may be looking in a different direction, SMAP’s members are definitely gazing in the direction of Avex. Whispers are floating about that Takuya Kimura, the band’s biggest name, is poised to sign up as the star of a movie to celebrate Avex’s 20th anniversary next year. And, of course, there’s the Nakai link to Koda, a performer closely associated with the Avex label.

“All the talk about record companies has come about because of news about Nakai and Koda supposedly being madly in love. I don’t know whether all that stuff is true, but there is no doubt that they are very, very close,” a manager at a foreign-owned music company tells Sunday Mainichi. “SMAP being highly likely to move to a new label is probably what sparked all the stories about the singers’ love lives.” (By Ryann Connell)

August 24, 2007

[Kinki] Itsuki Natsumi (Yuuousei Author) Blog

As she works with Kochan last year on Animation “Juuosei” She got a guest ticket from Johnny’s to watch Kinki Kids Anniversary Concert. As from what she said there should be some more guests around her side, she only mention Kinki daidaisenpai Mori Mitsuk-san sat next next to her.
For guests gift, there is two group of Cute cookie doll with writing of “Kinki Kids 10th Anniversary” >_<


[Tv guide] Editor report


mmm, wait too long!! Finally come~

“Sushi Prince” started yo~~ Too long~~~ Always waiting

This week is Prince an Nakamaru 2 person

Nakamaru so nervous yo~ (Laugh)

Whole staff try their best to stop laughing

Never see that kind of whole face grap together

Never see that silent NAkamaru~ na~

Anyway when eating sushi still eat a lot, so great~

Prince  surprisingly also feel like a sporty person…

Want to see how he feel like towards his younger

a bit of exciting wait, and have a good look at filming day

started talking with others prince, listen to people prince, and using hand to eat sushi prince.. yup….

Prince is Prince … Understand? (laugh)

Wahahaha ~ Kind of unknown language ?

Using one word to describe, could I talk about his attitude not making his younger one feel worry?

But, Younger one still worry! like that

How to say his eyes so gentle

Not tight but not letting lose … Yup~ like that feeling so good

Him acting to his younger one .

If said he is natural, but Nakamaru from head to toes whole body so tight hard! (Absolutely!)

Including their acting, Tsutsumi-san X Prince, what kind of scene it will be?

Really can’t wait till Friday~~

But I think this is the 1st time Prince and Johnny’s younger one have photo together in TV Gudide!

Reader please remember to tell me the answer~

[Kinki] Tv guide Editor comment


[Kinki Part Summary]

It just that when they went out Tsuyoshi and Editors on the same escalator. Tsuyoshi press the button and when Editors went out, Tsuyoshi said “Hai, Dozu” Editors are shockingly feel so happy cause Tsuyoshi is really nice and polite~ 🙂 and they decided to be nice and polite to all people so to make a good cycle :p