[KinKi] Rumor – Kochan solo on April

Well, Looking at rumor at the moment,

but Kochan solo will be around 23rd of April

and he just filmed the PV in Okinawa during the stay with Domoto Brother

(Snob~Kochan … you will be a thin stick right? Kill you!)

ADDITION: Formal Release in 17th March >_<

Ps: It may not be Solo con ~ at least it will be a single obviously XD


[Rumor] Kochan is going to USA to film his drama in July

Well I just put it up as a rumor… I seriously fingercross don’t want him to go on July…

our 10th anniversary…

Anyway Thank you for Wayne 1st hand rumor ~ But I am not sure he is really going to New York or not… All I know at the moment is a normal Japanese person went to get a visa to USA, and saw Kochan in his next window doing Visa too.

1st of all… well I am thinking … gees.. Kochan have to do VISA himself!? I thought his manager could do it for him though … Don’t really understand … but from what he/she said seems like he/she did meet Kochan…

I saw his/her blog entry in one Chinese fans blog and as she have left chinese and change the photo on it, I am trying to find the original blog and no luck at the moment~ ><

Update as soon as I get it