[KinKi]Koichi New Single -Ayakashi PV(Full Ver.)

miko:Hi everyone. Here is miko again!! Please enjoy the full version of PV. And the next update will be published on Sunday! probably…the making clips of Ayakashi…^^
btw, minna san~!!!I have tried Scotch Kisses!!!!!(which is Koichi’s favourited! recommended! marshmallow with caramel coated) In Japan, Scotch Kisses has been sold out few hours later after the TV programme shown. We can see how powerful our Prince Koichi is!!I have posted some pics on my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/album.php?aid=144958&id=718780920
Have a good night!


[KinKi Kids]Domoto Kyoudai 12042009 (edited)

Guest : つるの剛士 Tsuruno Takeshi (obaka style singer! xDD)

Drawing Competition Again~ ^^

Theme: “Watch out for children” Sign

(miko: Nice drawing by tsuyoshi! It is really artistic, not really suitable as the sign…I think)

(miko: Tsuruno is really good at drawing. when he was 9, he couldn’t answer the questions in the exam, he felt so sorry about the teacher so he drew some picture on the exm paper. And finally he got full mark! xP Since that, he didn’t study at all xDDD And now, he become really famous performer in a obaka program called Hexagon II ! and I am one of the Hexagon II fans xDDD)

(miko: awful xDDD The children would be really dangrous, if the whole JP use this as the mark)


Finish Uploaded!
The singing corner is really Good!
Tsuruno is a good papa and husband, as well as a good performer!
One of the must watch episode in Domoto Kyoudai ^^


[Ryusei no Kizuna] First Ep 21.2%


(Ryusei no Kizuna achieved average rating of 21.2% in first Ep. 21.0% in start and 23% near ending of the first Ep)




那須田淳プロデューサーも「東野圭吾さんの原作の素晴らしさ、宮藤官九郎さんの脚本の力により、深い悲しみと軽快なユーモアが見事に交差する人間ドラマになったと思います。主演の二宮さんをはじめ、錦戸さん、戸田さん、三浦さん、ご出演頂いた全ての俳優さんの魅力溢れる素晴らしい演技が、”連ドラファン” の心をひきつけ、今回の好視聴率に結びついたのでしょう」と語った。





[Domoto Brother] 30.03.2008 abstract – LaLaLa exercise

Nana: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha XD — > Laughing her head out at the moment

[Sushi Prince Movie] Preview Screening News Report

Just one thing .. .I don’t understand why that lady got to wear like that … -_- Its not your show… -_- Now its like “her low back dress”… Sorry it cost her some point on my heart … -_- And Kochan … you seems so tired .. T_T

[244Endli-x] Help me help me PV preview (17.03.2008)

[Endlicheri] 244Endli-x Live Mezamashi TV Clips