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Just add something here for everyone concerning about Tsuyo panic Disorder. He got Panic Disorder of course, but he was actually suffer from Hyperventilation Syndrome which cause from anxiety (from Tsuyo case is Panic Attack).
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Here’s the questions so far that we can come up with from the comments and from us.


  • Q1. Are KinKi Kids Brothers/ Cousin?

No ! They are not blood related.

Summer Snow -_-‘: How can they be? They are just 100 days apart! Tell me how!?

NANA: ….. (Speechless) -_-

  • Q2. Did Tsuyoshi suffered from Panic Disorder? When did it started? Has it cured?

According to fans’ reports around that time, Tsuyoshi has mentioned in his J-web that he was suffering from Hyperventilation syndrome.

Hyperventilation syndrome

Hyperventilation is breathing in excess of what the body needs. This is sometimes called overbreathing. Hyperventilation syndrome is more specific and relates to an overbreathing pattern that happens under certain conditions. Although hyperventilation syndrome may seem very similar to panic attacks, the 2 disorders are different. However if you have Panic attack you are likely to suffer from hyperventilation.

The cause or causes of hyperventilation syndrome are unknown. Certain conditions or situations produce overbreathing in some people.
Symptoms include chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, etc. They are very similar and often mistaken with a heart attack.
The medications have many side effects including sudden swellings in some body parts.

Panic Disorder

A panic attack is called the ‘fight or flight response’. The fight or flight response can be seen as one of the most important parts of our make-up – a highly efficient survival response for dangerous times.
That is why the mind of a human being can trigger a panic attack fast and unconsciously. This is highly important. People who suffer panic attacks often report that “they come from nowhere” and this is an essential part of the fight or flight response.
Sufferer generally have a fear of death or fear of lost, it may be triggered by sudden lost or dramatic incident.

Tsuyoshi’s case

According to the information gathered, he said that it started when he was around 18 years old. It was around the time when he always complained of having chest pain and kept on taking medications for it, up to the point similar to an addiction. All those depression and anxiety were unknown to fans until the symptoms started to become apparent on 2003/5/31 Nagoya Summer concert where he suddenly lost the ability to sing and speak on the stage. Perhaps that was also related to his family problems and the sudden increase in expectations and pressure, being in a highly popular idol group in the showbiz world.
In 2001, he said he could not believe in any human beings, including his family and friends. In his last concert (Endlicheri Water Tank), he mentioned that he tried to (or think of) commit suicide, but he was rescued by people around him, who really loved him. He also said that he is trying to fight the illness now, trying to think of happiness rather than sadness.
Both illnesses can be controlled by medications, therapy, and strong social supports. I wish him a healthy and happy life 🙂

  • Q3. Have they every been romantically linked with anyone? Is it because there is policy in Johnny’s not allow dating?


Koichi was rumored to be romantically linked with Miyamae Maki (former member of female group Coco) who was 6-7 years older than Koichi. She denied that rumor before but now claiming herself to be Koichi’s ‘ex-Girl Friend’. When they were rumored to be in a relationship, there were pictures of them together, not holding hands but in a house together. Koichi never talks about it.

Uchiyama Rina was also rumored to be attracted to Koichi during the filming of Rookie. Rumor said that Koichi really liked her to the point of asking her to be his girlfriend but he was rejected. (nana: Wht…. SummerSnow: shuuuuuuuu~)

There was also Fukada Kyoko who was rumored to be “formally linked” with him after they were starring in Remote together. Newspaper said they called each other Prince and Princess on the set and they seemed to have a close relationship. They never had any photos together other than those during the filming. However she said to Tsuyoshi in Shindoi “I’d rather be with Koichi-kun” (nana: I don’t like her from then since -_-)


Tsuyoshi was rumored to be romantically linked with Yamaguchi Sayaka before debuting. There were photos of them staying together in a house. They were rumored to have stayed together for a long time until it was time for Tsuyoshi to debut and he was asked to choose between her and work. Some people suggested that his depression started from this point, but Tsuyoshi never said anything about it.

Hirosue Ryoko was also rumored to be with him during Summer Snow filming, but they are actually really good friends. Tsuyoshi was the first one to know when she gave birth.

Fukada Kyoko again in To Heart, and at that time Kyoko said that she liked Tsuyoshi, but Tsuyoshi never said anything about that.

  • Q4. What with the K.Dino and Endlicheri thing? I don’t understand.


= Koichi Dino. Koichi said when he was thinking of a pseudonym, if he used K.D, it would have been easily guessed by many people as him. Dino is the name of Ferrari Engine which is named after the son of Ferrari founder. (from F concert MC)


= Tsuyoshi’s solo “Rainbow Project” (will be explained later)

  • Q5. Did Koichi really created Kattun? What’s the story there?

Koichi formed KAT-TUN as Johnny’s was in need of a new group within themselves at that time. Johnny-san asked Koichi to handpick 6 people who were the top in Jr. to be his backup dancers for his solo hosting in NHK Pop Jam, as he often had performances there. KAT-TUN = Cartoon = the first name initials of the 6 members.

  • Q6. Do they have any siblings and current family situations?

Both of them have a sister. Koichi is 3 years younger and Tsuyoshi is 6 years younger than his sister.

Tsuyoshi’s sister is called Domoto Nozomi, Koichi sister is Domoto Megumi.

Koichi’s sister just recently got married on the 5th of March (Daughter’s day) in Tokyo. Tsuyoshi’s sister’s marital status has never been mentioned… But I think she is not married yet.

Koichi’s sister is said to have worked at a pre-school. Koichi’s parents are still happily married even though sometimes they had to live separately due to his father’s work.

Tsuyoshi’s parents had a divorce in 2001. Tsuyoshi’s mother and sister are living in Tokyo at the moment. His mother has been sick and going in and out of hospital for a while.

  • Q7. Are Koichi and Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO) and Tsuyo and Okada Junichi (V6) still close?

Koichi and Tsuyoshi are friends of Nagase, but Koichi is really close to Nagase to the point that sometime he goes to Nagase’s house to sleep (before Ayumi). Tsuyoshi is very close to Okada and I think they still are, although they don’t talk about it much. Okada once mentioned that when he first came to Tokyo, if it weren’t for Tsuyoshi, he would have spent every night crying in the toilet of the dormitory because he was really scared. Apparently Koichi and Tsuyoshi had lived with Okada before sharing a house together shortly after they “graduated” from the boarding house owned by the company.

  • Q8. What’s with the KinKi Kids name? Do they realise what it may mean outside Japan? lol

Kinki is an area in Japan where they both come from. Kinki area includes Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. The Kids part is just because they were kids when they were given this name. They know what Kinki may be interpreted as in English. That was why they didn’t really like the name before and even banned their staff from calling them Kinki Kids in the early years 🙂

  • Q9. Do they even get promoted anymore by Johnny’s??? [Something NANA and I is annoyed about]

They still do, but most definitely not as much. Kinki is like a mature and stable product. Johnny’s knows that even if they put a minimal amount of investment to promote them, their sales and popularity will not be affected to a great extent. However don’t worry, because I know a lot of Japanese fans are always ringing up Johnny’s & Associates about that matter.

  • Q10. What was Koichi and Tsuyoshi Childhood like?

Koichi’s childhood was mainly in Hyogo (state), Ashiya (suburb). He was born apparently somewhere else, but he moved to Ashiya when he was around a few months old so all his memories were in Ashiya. (nana: Ashiya is a really really expensive residential/business area in Hyogo… -_- I been there and even a bread is more expensive… = =) He went to Asahi Primary School before entering Johnny’s and he joined baseball and rally team there. Koichi once complained “I always fainted after running a rally session, how could my teacher pick me!?” But he loved baseball hence he joined the team. He was really shy during primary school. According to his primary school music teacher, Koichi was too shy to sing even in front of his music class, his teacher couldn’t imagine how he managed to sing in front of 50 thousand people in a Dome.


During his childhood, his dad always went interstate for work for around 2 weeks and when his dad came home for few days and traveled again, his dad would be very touched when Koichi said to him “You are welcomed to come back.” (Japanese saying for a guest) When he entered Johnny’s, Koichi and Tsuyoshi were considered the rich ones. Koichi’s high school was half in Ashiya and half in Tokyo. In Ashiya, it was Asahi secondary school. His teachers said that even though a lot of students usually used cars, buses or taxi to go uphill as the school is on top of the hill, Koichi loved to walk to school. Koichi said that was because he loved the scene of sakura trees along the road, the petals flowing down like snow falls.
In Tokyo, he attended a private school, not the same Horikoshi gakuen (where most Johnny’s and other young celebrities attend) as the one Nagase, Tsuyoshi, and Okada went to. His dad allowed him to go to Tokyo under the condition of him studying in normal schooling, since Horikoshi gakuen has really flexible school rules and timetable. So he had to go to school in between his works to have enough studies. He was driven to school by Johnny-san’s car and Johnny’s also recruited a private tutor for him to study at night. Later after debuting, he couldn’t go to school, so the company gave him a private teacher at home to teach him to graduate. He spent a few years more than the normal 3 years to graduate from high school because of this.


Tsuyoshi was born and spent his childhood in Nara (nana: A really really really nice place~ So love it~ People are really really nice). He was supposed to be born on the 9th but his mother thought that it was not a good date so they tried delaying the birth until the next day. As a result of prolonged labor, he had a really weak body when he was born. Initially he was going to be named Akira (with kanji ‘light’, the same as Koichi’s name in kanji) but his parents finally named him Tsuyoshi (meaning: strong, manly).


His dad is the largest landlord in Nara, so Domoto family is quite large and well-known in Nara. Before, some fans tried to ask random people on the street and everyone seemed to know who Tsuyoshi was and also have some relation to him XD
Apparently Tsuyoshi’s childhood included some really cute boy stuff, for example, having nightmare with baked beans. He once believed that Santa existed in Japan till secondary school XD Tsuyoshi was a very gentle kid who hated arguing and fighting. He never had a fight with his elder sister even until now. On top of that, he was very sensitive (even until now) to what other people say and think of him. According to his aunt, Tsuyoshi was an obedient kid. When he did something wrong and was scolded for it, he would never do that again. Tsuyoshi was and still is sensitive with spiritual stuff; hence he always wears the beads that his mother gave him as protection.


He studied in Saidaiji kindergarten in Nara, he cried every time his mum had to leave. His primary school was in Saidaiji North Primary, secondary school in Hirajiro Secondary School, then Horikoshi gakuen in Tokyo. He started to have interest in basketball during primary school. He sometimes mentioned that his aspired career when he was young was to be a basketball player. His best subject at school was literature.


He entered entertainment industry since early age even before entering Johnny’s; doing acting, hosting programs, etc. He was in local children TV program in Nara from 1987 when he was 6 years old, and in some stage works too.

  • Q11. It was widely talked about in the entertainment circle that they do not get along in real life? Is that really true? Why do Koichi say they do not know each other in real life?

Okay… Well I am not them, I could only believe in what they have said. They said if they couldn’t get along, how could they be with each other for over 16 years?

They have a complete opposite personality and hobbies, just like two sides of a coin. They have admitted that they are nothing like best friends since they are just too different and they never interfere with each other’s personal life. Tsuyoshi often mentioned that their relationship was like that of a husband and wife (Tsuyoshi demanded a sweet 10 diamond ring for their 10th anniversary from Koichi *jokingly*, not sure whether he got that). They don’t need to talk to know what’s on the other side’s mind since they have been together for so long and they have spent almost every single day of the first 9 years together, even longer than the time they’ve spent with their families. Koichi has also stated that even though Nagase is considered his best friend but he would not be able to work with Nagase as well as he does with Tsuyoshi. They have said that if the partner were to be someone else other than Tsuyoshi/Koichi, things would not have worked out for such a long period of time. They often mentioned that they had never had any fights at all so far.

Once, Koichi has also said “Even sometimes Tsuyoshi is like a baka, but I like that baka Tsuyoshi “ XD and when he was asked what part of Tsuyoshi he likes in Hey!3x telephone box, he said “I like every part of Tsuyoshi” 🙂

  • Q12. Tsuyoshi wrote the lyrics for some of the songs. Maybe that will give us a glimpse into his true feelings?

Yes. Tsuyoshi and Koichi reflect their feeling of the time through the lyrics they have written. ) That was what they said, so please pay attention of what they wrote XD


However, Koichi has admitted that he doesn’t like exposing his feelings through his lyrics and he is not as good as Tsuyoshi with words, so Koichi rarely wrote the lyrics for his solo songs although he was the one composing all of the melody. On the other hand, Tsuyoshi loves playing around with words and particularly good at them. Hence, he wrote the lyrics, as well as composed the melody for all of his solo songs. Tsuyoshi’s lyrics are usually very poetic like his J-web entries, pretty hard to interpret and equipped with hidden meanings behind them. You can have fun trying to interpret them XD

  • Q13. Tsuyo seems to have better health issues than Koichi, Did Koichi have any health concern before?

When Koichi was small, he was always in and out of Ashiya local hospital. He still has the scar that he got when he climbed a metal bar and fell down, with his head hitting the ground first when he was young. The scar is on his top right forehead, although it’s not as obvious now. When he was small he always tried not to cry, because as soon as he cried, when the tears ran down to his ear canals, he would get middle ear infection accompanied by fever, and sometimes he had to stay in the hospital. When he was small, if he had a fever it would always be over 37.


Nowadays, he was often sick when during concerts (flu). The worst time he had (that I know) was in ‘01 Taiwan and Hong Kong tour, where he was not acclimatized to the local environments. He was already having fever on the airplane due to fatigue and then he was vomiting and fainted in the hotel room. Then around the time of Taiwan concert, before he went to the stage he was so weak that the staff had to hold on to him, but he stood up for the whole concert until he fainted when he went backstage. Later in Wink Up he admitted that he was suffering from a high fever during the tour.

  • Q14. How did they enter Johnny’s?

Officially, they said that their elder sisters secretly sent in the applications. In Koichi’s case, according to his dad, it was Johnny-san who rang him up and asked him to join the company. It took Koichi half a year to think about it before joining. How did Johnny-san find him? Koichi was in a local baseball/trackfield team member, and he was on the local paper. In Tsuyoshi’s case, I think was around the same, as Tsuyoshi had already been working as a child star in Kansai.

  • Q15. What are their nicknames?

Koichi’s most common nickname is Kochan. Apparently that’s from Nagase or Tsuyoshi before, then fans started calling him that until now. Tsuyoshi’s nicknames are Tsuyo, Tsuyopon, etc. Fans usually call him Tsuyoshi-kun.
Tsuyoshi calls Koichi as ‘Koichi’ though. The same goes for Koichi, calling Tsuyoshi as ‘Tsuyoshi’ or ‘Tsuyoshhhhi’ *LOL* without any -san, -kun, or whatever after the name. In Japanese culture, only the family or really close friends may usually call one without any suffix after the name.
During their childhood, Koichi’s nickname was Domocchin and Tsuyoshi’s nickname was Domorin. Remember both are Domoto XD

  • Q16. What is the title of Guinness World Records that they are holding?

They were awarded a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive number of single hitting #1 weekly Oricon chart the week following each single release since their debut. They have released 26 singles and the record still continues.

  • Q17. Who are their idols?

Koichi: Bon Jovi, ToTu, and Michael Jackson musically and in dancing. As for sport, it’s Michael Schumacher (F1 racer).
Tsuyoshi: Mr. Children, Oasis and Shiina Ringo.

  • Q18. Special moments between KinKi Kids (their words / actions to each other)

They are summarized in the link below.


For me, the most special moment between KinKi would be when Tsuyoshi suffered from panic disorder. Koichi said:

“For example, I had an injury during a Shock performance this year (2002). Even then, we still continued the musical normally while trying to hide the injury from the audiences. The staff told me ‘Rather than letting the audiences finding it out themselves and making them worried, it will be better to say it out first’ so I told the audiences at the end of the show. However, I regret saying it since it might have created a problem. I myself always think “Whatever happens I still have to be on the stage”.
Nevertheless, as for Tsuyoshi’s breathing problem, even though I don’t understand how he feels, I still want to try understanding that. I think if I didn’t try to, it would not be good. I tried reading the information about the illness too. However, it’s a really difficult illness so I’m still not very clear about it. At least, I still understand how hard it would be for him on the stage, especially in Nagoya. But, he didn’t want me to worry about him even after I asked him what I could do for him. We have to give happiness to those audiences who wish to see us on the stage and have paid for the tickets. If Tsuyoshi feels tired and uneasy, let me take up the challenge. So during MC part, since Tsuyoshi looked like he couldn’t really talk, I tried not to throw a lot to him. I may have not been able to fool you guys, but that’s how I deal with this situation. People may think I am too cool towards him. Tsuyoshi has a really deep regret about that situation; he’s really worried about it. So I have to understand him because he is always next to me.”

  • Q19. What is Tsuyoshi thinking by creating Endlicheri*Endlicheri project? That project seems weird and so not Johnny’s! And why does he use “Keri” as the name? Is he not proud of the name Domoto Tsuyoshi?

ENDLICHERIENDLICHERI = Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri which is an African fish.

Why does he use this name?
1. This type of fish is rumored to be able to change its appearance if you look at it from different angles.
2. It has a lot of fins that look like wings. I wish my music can also have “wings” that may reach the hearts of a lot of people.
3. It is a really cowardly fish, just like me.

Why he is call Keri (ケリー)?
Since ENDLICHERIENDLICHERI is quite a long name, so people started to come up with a lot of nicknames. For example: エンドリ(Endli, エンさん(En-san, ドリー(Dli, and “ケリー (Keri). In Music Station, Tamori-san said that the name Endli sounded like a bird, and then he changed it to En-san. Later, Kokoriko’s SHOUZOU ENDOU suggested him to change it to Dli, but Dli would often be mistaken with Dreams Come True, so finally he decided on Keri/Cheri.

Why does he want to use a new name?
Tsuyoshi said “If I use the name ‘Domoto Tsuyoshi’, people will view it as ‘Domoto Tsuyoshi = Kinki Kids”. The name ‘Domoto Tsuyoshi’ has made an impression on them and they will make connections to that name on whatever I do. In order to separate the two images, the new name is formed.”
He said this is just made to let others to see another side of him, it doesn’t mean he reject his old image as Domoto Tsuyoshi, he said in the concert that “I am proud of me being Domoto Tsuyoshi of KinKi Kids and really grateful of the company for giving me the opportunity to do this activity.” and “I like Kinki Kids very much.”
According to him, he will not go to any Kinki Kids program using and promoting ‘Endlicheri’. Kinki Kids’ official website will not have any related content on Endlicheri either, hence another official website for Endlicheri was created. KinKi Kids’ fans club bulletin will also have no related contents. He tries not to go on any TV or Radio programs but on music related magazines like “B-Pass” and “Music and people”
Also, whenever he makes an appearance as Keri in any program, he will not talk in Kansai dialect.

Where does Sankaku come from?
It was designed by Tsuyoshi a long time ago, but it was publicized on 2005/12/3 for 3 day limited sales as a special design of EDWIN’s T-shirt and commercials. Tsuyoshi did not make an appearance on the advertising but Sankaku-kun was on the promotions. He said “Try to slowing left in people memories as they will really want to know when it was not clear what it is.”

  • Q20. It seems that Tsuyoshi is more active in his solo activities than Koichi. Is it true?

If you consider ‘Shock’ as Koichi’s solo activity, then they are around the same. Koichi once said “I’d rather be in Kinki Kids than having solo activities.” However, Koichi always supports whatever Tsuyoshi decides on doing.

  • Q21. How is their relationship with their Senpai’s, Kouhai’s and other artists?

The boys are loved by all SMAP members because of their long history together, as they back dance for them and officially announced their group name on KISU shitara SMAP show. They are especially popular with Nakai from SMAP and Machey from Shonentai.

Kinki love MA XD Both of them like to said “Akiyama face is so shocking XD” and they loved Tackey and Tsubasa.

Before 4 tops separate, Kinki loved the most is Hasegawa Jun who was the only JR that time that are able to mess around in Kinki changing room and joke around with Kinki. Somehow I remember a interview talked about him went into Kinki changing room and mess it all around, when Kinki came back and saw it while their managers are angry, they are laughing and said “That’s is make by Jun right?”

Kinki still really closed to Toma and Yamapi. But they also closed with Shibuya, Yuu and Shingo from Kanjani8.


Koichi still related to a lot of Junior, latest is Yamada Ryokai and M.A.D members (Questions always written in Wink Up To Koichi XD) Koichi half raised NewS, he got Koyama, Kato and Higawa in his J-Support in his Japan Walker program. Koichi raised Kat-tun, he hand picked them. Koichi also like to go out with some Junior, for example he was in No Broader unofficial team with Toma, Yamapi.

Tsuyoshi on the other hand was friend with lesser Junior, All I knows is he brought up a band group in Johnny’s called Five and Question!.

Other artist, Tsuyoshi got a lot of females friends such as Ryoko and he is friend with Dream came True too plus a lot of musician in his Endlicheri Concert

Koichi other artists friends included Sophia – Mtsuoka metsuro, Kishidan –AYANOKOJI Sho, HITOMI KUROKI,

Kahara Tomomi.

Kinki Friends included Ayumi, Koda Kumi, TM. Re

Koichi also got some friends that are not artists including F1 Journalist Team XD (they are the one who provide Koichi with Data and information in F1 including goods too XD and he is friends of Sato in F1 (from Italy GP 2004 when he was representing as lived commentator in Italy at that time as he got to interview Sato-san, they end up talking a lot after the race, from then Sato like Koichi and whenever he went back to Japan he will find Koichi for dinner if possible and given him a lot of F1 stuff too XD) After the Italy GP in 2004, many Fans this years was complaining why if had to get a Johnny’s to commentate not Koichi 🙂

Apparently some F1 Fans said Koichi commentate that time is so professional XD )

  • Q22. What’s 51 and 244?

51= Go-Ichi (in Japanese)  sounds like Koichi in Japanese

244=Tsu-yon-shi( in Japanese) sounds like Tsuyoshi in Japanese

  • Q23. Why doesn’t Koichi write lyrics anymore [Unless Tsuyoshi requested it :)] ?

Cause Koichi has said that writing shows his inner thoughts and emotions which he doesn’t like. 

  • Q24. Are both of them short-sighted?

Koichi is really short sighted. He has really thick glasses but wear contact lenses. On one occasion he forgot his contacts lenses for KK Music Station performance. After the performance, he left the stage by sticking behind Tsuyoshi to guide him off the stage. XD 

  • Q25. Why does Tsuyoshi keep changing his hairstyle while Koichi’s hairstyle is almost always the same?

What can I say? Tsuyoshi likes doing that…Koichi decided back in 1998 from the B Album that he will never change his hair again. Koichi had his hair curled at that time and decided it was a fashion disaster and that it was better to be safe than sorry. XD


  • Q26. Do they ever get really emotional on stage? (Like crying on stage)

Tsuyoshi cries more, Koichi cried 3 times on stage: 24 Hrs TV (when Tsuyoshi read his letter to Koichi and the end of the program); Shock is real shock (2001/06/04 because he twisted his ankle to the point that his tendon was teared); 39 (he cried when he bowed to the band members then Tsuyoshi spot it and had a hug hug and pat pat XD)

  • Q27. What’s with the red and blue colour-code? Who is which colour?

Red = Koichi (Hot, Ferrari colour)

Tsuyoshi reckons that Koichi’s favourite colour is white because he could accept any ideas [colour] to shape himself. 

Blue= Tsuyoshi (sad and emotional)

Koichi thinks that Tsuyoshi’s favourite colour is purple.

  • Q28. What kind of musical instruments can they play besides the guitar?

Koichi: Drums, Piano and Violin (learnt from his Harmonia Jdrama)

Tsuyoshi: Piano (Love Love Aishiteru) and Drums (Endli Concert + “I” concert)

  • Q29. Where did they get their inspirations from when composing songs?

Both of the guys get their inspiration from the emotion or feelings that they had at the time. As stated before, Koichi does not like to write lyrics. He once stated that lyrics shows too much of his inner thoughts and he does not like the feeling of “exposing” himself in public.  

  • Q30. Which do they prefer being? Musician, actor or host?

Tsuyoshi prefer to be a producer or manager to Koichi XD. He want to be seen as a Musician.

Koichi prefer to be stage designer and music arrangement producer (See his shock production is really good :D)

  • Q31. How did Kochan’s musical, SHOCK came about?

Shock was originally written by Johnny’s called Millennium Shock then it was changed by Koichi to Endless Shock. Koichi originally is the younger brother of Hiragayama.

  • Q32. Tsuyoshi has Kenshiro and his fishes, does Kochan has any pets?

Before KK debut or the year of debut, Koichi said that he once owned a kitten called Umi in his old house when he was younger, but Umi died. He stated that because of that reason, he does not want to own another pet as he doesn’t like to see them die before him.

  • Q33. What do they like to do when they are not working?

Tsuyoshi: Play with Kenshiro and his fishes, write lyrics, compose music, or go out shopping with my mum.

Koichi: Sleep Sleep Sleep. I could sleep for 24 hours without having the need to eat. If I don’t want to sleep I would either play video games or sit in bed watching F1.

  • Q34. All their singles went to number 1, did their albums too went to number 1?

As I remember, Yes. Except the latest Tsuyo Endli Album.

  • Q35. Koichi seems to host alot of shows early on in his career. How about Tsuyoshi? Did he hosted any shows before his own show? 


2ji no waido show (1987/8、Yomiuri TV)

-TV MAGAZINE- haretokitoki takajen (1989/3、ABC TV)

Wanpoku TV station(1989 autumn、Yomiuri TV)Program host。

In Kinki:

Naruhodo! The World (Fuji TV:1995/5 – 12)

Sore ike Kinki Daibouken (NTV:1996/4/7 – 1996/9/29)

Sore Ike Kinki Daihousou(NTV:1996/10/6 – 1998/3/29)

Toki-kin Kyuuku sukidayo! Sokiyanen(TBS:1996/10/16 – 1997/3/12)

Bari Kin 7Sebun ken jya no senriyaku(TBS:1996/10/17/ – 1997/9/11/)

LOVE LOVE Aishiteru(Fuji TV:1996/10/19 – 2001/3/31)

Star Doki Doki Daichuzen (Fuji Tv: 1997/4/12 – 1997/9/15)

KinKi Kids no Gyu!(NTV:1998/10/4 – 1999/9/26)

Tsuyochan Douhonbo (NTB:1999/3/29 – 9/27)

Domoto Kyudai → Shin Domoto Kyudai(Fuji TV:2001/4/8 – )

  • Q36. Did Tsuyoshi perform in any stage plays before? What are they?


Osoushiki (1987/9)

Osama to watashi (1988/12/2 – 12/27)

Tadajima Saburou kouen (1989/3, 1989/6, 1990/3)

In Kinki:

ANOTHER (1993)

Kaei no Hana- OOishi kuranosuke no sai- (1995/10、Tokyo Takarejika GekiJyu)

  • Q37. What’s the meaning of Keri’s symbol and Koichi’s symbol ?

Keri -> Please refer to Q19

Koichi is DK

  • Q38. How many have they composed? And if you can, please tell me its names D

This list excludes works from their solo albums.


My Wish, Peaceful World, Eien no Hibi (永遠の日々…), so Young blue, Solitude, Kienai Kanashimi Kesenai Kioku (消えない悲しみ 消せない記憶), I


Slowly, Sama zema na Ai (さまざまな愛), Junichi ketsu(十二月), Hyakunen no koi (百年ノ恋), Winter Kill. Orange, Kono Nemurou (この恋 眠ろう)


Ai no Katamari (愛のかたまり), Renrui(恋涙), Futari , 5×9=63, Music Of life

  • Q39. How many managers did they have all together and each person? Did all of them responsible for their stuff solo or Kinki?

A Album(1997) → Toshiaki Nakashiro
B Album(1998) → Toshiaki Nakashiro san、Kenichi Yamashita san、Wataru Suzuki san
C Album(1999) → Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Akira Hiagshi san、Kenichi Yamashita san
D Album(2000)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Akira Hiagshi san、Kenichi Yamashita san
E Album(2001) → Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Yuichiro Takagi san、Wataru Suzuki san
F Album(2002) → Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Yuichiro Takagi san、Wataru Suzuki san
G Album(2003) → Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Yuichiro Takagi san、Wataru Suzuki san、Shuhei Zushi san
Anniversary(2004) → Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san
H Album(2005)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san
I Album(2006)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san
39 (2007)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Shinobu Okamoto、Wataru Suzuki san

Rosso E Azzurro(2002) → Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Yuichiro Takagi san
[si’:](2004)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san
Koichi Domote Live Tour 2004 1/2 (2004)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san、Wataru Suzuki san
Endless Shock(2005)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san
Koichi Mirror Album(2006)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san
Koichi Mirror DVD(2007)→ Suguru Shirahase san、Masami Yazaki san、Jin Miyashita san、Yukio Shimoyama san, Wataru Suzuki san, Shinobu Okamoto, Taiki Sasaki

As you may notice, they seems to be responsible for their solo and their together stuff 🙂 All I know is usually is one manager in for their solo (so its 2 person) then two for their work together. But then they will rotate generally. After some times they will be given time off and rotate on work. 😀

Plus someone told be before Apparently only Kinki sort of ‘demand’ their manager to stay with that few soon after they debut. As they said it will be easy for manager to work as they both take a long time to build up trust to their staff and manager:) Plus their managers are really good in work too XD

  • Q40. What is J-web, J-net, JE? What’s the structure of Johnny’s And Associate?

J-web is Johnny’s web which is a members’ only subscription system. You pay few thousand yen on top of your fans club membership, you will be able to look at the blog dairy you subscribed in. (few thousand yen is only for one subscription, if you like a few you have to pay each membership 🙂 )

J-net is Johnny’s and Associate Official website = http://www.johnnys-net.jp/

JE is Johnny’s Entertainment in Short form. JE set up in 1997/7/21 when Kinki Kids debut. Kinki is their first sign artist. It was set up by Shounen Tai 3 members. Now rumor said Kinki also have in charges in its operation now. JE artists include Shounen Tai, Kinki Kids, NewS and some limited group such as Golf and Mike.

Structure of Johnny’s and Associate basically Directors are Johnny’s san and his sister Julie K. (Some one told me there is also a Mary there… -_- But I really couldn’t confirm it … -_- I think she is the daughter of Julie) Rumor that Shounen Tai -Higashiyama Noriyuki now also involved in signing artists and contracts. Some other rumor include Kinki were involve in meeting with executives in other company signing deals too. (Stress~ they are all rumors only~~~)

Johnny’s and Associate have Johnny’s Entertainment, J-storm.

Under J-storm, there is J-one. J-storm artists include Arashi and Hey!Say!Jump. J-one artist only got Kat-tun.

Why there is two recording company? JE is focus in more pop music artists, J-storm is focus on pop rock kind of artists.

Also Johnny’s holding Tokyo Globe theater.

Thanks ~
( ^ ^~)

That’s all we can come up with the moment. It’s not final, the questions have to be reworded.


7 Responses

  1. I heard Koichi used to live in Roppongi Hills but now moved to Ginza, and Tusyo used to live near Daikanyama but now moved to Akasaka (which, btw, is very close to Ginza, eh?). Do you know where they are rumored to live now?

  2. To Jjc,

    My one is Kochan still stay in Roppongi hill (As his family is in there), he used to live in Akasaka (remember Shindoi Johnny’s special where Kochan didn’t drive but walk to the shop in Akasaka) 🙂

    For Tsuyo I think he had been staying in Naka-Meguro for a long while now. (He got spotted several time in Naka meguro with his mum) and he did talk about when going to company he always see the little bridge in Naka-meguro where a lot of sakura tree in 🙂


  3. do you know what song(s) Koichi created for KAT-TUN?

  4. serosi: if i am not wrong, the song koichi made for KAT-TUN is “Changed”

    Nana, I do also want to know what happen between KK and KAT-TUN?u re talked about that in Hey!Say!Jump posting ^^;;;

  5. hi, after kenshirou passed away did tsuyoshi get another pet?
    also, how did kouichi start keeping a pet?

  6. I’m aware about this already, but nonetheless there was clearly a few useful bits that finalized the picture to me, thanks a lot!

  7. Just a silly question: Do you remember which song they were singing when koichi forgot his contact?
    I’m curious about that.

    Thank you.

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