[Special Project] (Update Taiwanese TV Clips) KinKi Kids Asia Tour cosign project: Let us say 39 to them as well

For all those supporting this project~ Here is the clips from Taiwanese famous Japanese entertainment news channel

The host is the translator and MC in Taiwanese Concert 2001

Its a promotion for this project ~

Here is what he had said for this promotion:

So Lets look at this one. Talking about the aim for this Kinki Kids Asia cosign project, is to “Let us say 39 to them as well”. From our point of view, actually the whole project was written really clearly. So why there is such a aim to do this thing, That’s because Kinki Kids hasn’t held any overseas concert after 2000, 2001. In this 6 years, there are a lot of overseas fans really missing Kinki Kids. But what should those fans who didn’t go to Japan (to see the concert), right? So as Koichi said in 2003, if fans request, there is additional concert. So Japanese fans could do it, why can’t overseas fans do the same? So let’s hope this project could sent fans voice out!

In addition, Koichi and Tsuyoshi said in “Domoto Brother” No 318 where guest is Ayumi, overseas fans are really passionate. So here is the time for all overseas fans to group together for them to feel the passion again! Therefore this project come out. Initial project is to collect at least 10,000 fans. Come, all friends, if you are Kinki Kids fans! 10,000 fans is really good, as this could increase a lot the chance for it to success to let Kinki Kids in Japan or Johnny’s to hear this project!

I believe if you want to join this project is not hard at all. Why? Because in Taiwan, if you went to any Kinki Kids related website, or went to our program BBS, you could see this project. The whole project got a website, the main site is this, We get it out for you guys to have a look. Even though its not really clear (From the screen), but everybody, if you go online to search, you should able to know this activities.

Ok, Come! We hope through this promotion in this program, even though we don’t know what the result for this will be, but I believe able to united all the fans together is a really good thing. At least we could bring our voice to Kinki Kids. I had tell everybody before, when I went to Kinki Kids 10th anniversary event (July one), I went to backstage to meet them both. When we met I told them we hope them to come to Taiwan again, that time, Tsuyoshi told me he really want to come, and he turn and said to his manager “Did you hear that?”

Ok, So I believe they really want to come, but may be the schedule is really hard. So every fans, let’s make the move! So~ In today program, we have chosen from this 7 re-release singles for you this song, a really familiar tune for everybody.

Chinese Original Version

好來看一下,那講到這個KinKi Kids亞洲連署企劃案的目的啊,就是要let us say 39 to them as well。那我們來看,其實整個企劃案寫的非常的清楚,那為什麼會有這樣的一個信念來做這樣的事情呢,因為KinKi Kids自從2000,2001年之後,就都沒有再開海外的演唱會了。好,那有很多海外的歌迷其實這6年來也是非常的想念KinKi Kids。但如果沒有去日本的人怎麼辦呢,對不對。所以呢,因為光一他曾經在2003年的時候有講過,歌迷們提出要求,所以才能開追加的演唱會,既然日本 的歌迷做到了,那為什麼海外的歌迷不能提出要求呢?所以呢,希望透過這樣一個企劃案把歌迷的聲音傳遞出去!

再來,還有,光一跟剛在《新堂本兄弟》裏面第318期,那一期呢,特別來賓是濱崎步,裏面有提到,海外的歌迷真的很熱情。好的,那麼,就是這個時候,讓所 有的海外的歌迷團結起來,好他們再次感受熱情的時候了!因此呢,遞出了這樣的一個企劃案。初步的計劃是集合至少一萬個歌迷。來,各位朋友,如果你是 KinKi Kids的歌迷,一萬個歌迷能夠最好拉,因為這樣能夠大大的提升整個活動的成功率,讓在日本的KinKi Kids或者是傑尼斯事務所能夠聽到這樣子的活動。

那我相信呢,如果你要來參加這個活動其實一點都不難,為什麼呢,因為在臺灣,你只要上這個跟KinKi Kids相關的網站哪,或者上我們《日韓音樂瘋》的留言板啦,其實你都可以看到這一個活動啦。整個活動有一個網頁,是主頁,那這個主頁呢,我們大概給各位 看一下好不好。雖然不是非常的清楚,但是各位朋友,你們只要上網查一下,應該都會知道這個活動的。

好的,來!那我們希望,今天通過節目中的這個宣告,那我們並不知道我們做這個事情的結果是什麼,但是所有的歌迷朋友,大家團結起來,我相信這是一件好事 情。至少我們把聲音帶到,讓KinKi Kids聽到。我那個時候有跟所有的朋友講過一件事情,就是我有去參加KinKi Kids十周年的演唱會。在後臺我也跟他們兩個人見面了。見面的時候我有跟他們說,希望能夠來臺灣,那個時候,堂本剛告訴我說,他很想來,而且他還轉身跟他的經濟人說,你有沒有聽到。



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[Kinki] NEW ALBUM ” Φ ” (Phi) 39 Event DVD Part

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[Kinki] 39 Check list abstract

The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.mymusic.co.kr/images/album/bb/BB9710.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I hope I could get a bigger picture but all I want to say is for those who got the pamphlet have a look on the check list, and those who got the single have a really good look. What Tsuyoshi said under this is ” At that time Kochan injured his right arm, when taking the picture, its too painful that he had to press on it to reduce the pain.” 

[Translation] Interview with KinKi Kids [From 39 Pamphlet] Part Three [Final]

  • Do you still remember the time when you first heard your debut song “Glass no Shounen”?

Tsuyoshi: Eh…I think the first time we heard it was when we were in New York, right?

Koichi: Yep. But no one told us at that time that it was our debut song. Johnny-san only said to us “What do you think of this song? It’s made by Yamashita Tatsuro?” When we listened to it I thought, “It’s a good song.” It’s the kind of music that is more familiar to Japanese ears.

Even though at that time the majority of the Japanese music scene was more focused on rhythm, when I listened to “Glass no Shounen”, that familiar kind of melody, shamelessly I remembered I said [to Johnny-san] “It had a reminiscent feel to it, but also it has the feeling of freshness”. [NANA: They had no idea how famous Yamashita Tatsuro was at that time. XD~fu fu fu].

Tsuyoshi: It’s a brand new approach. It’s different from KinKi Kid’s style of music, so at that time I thought “Choosing this song [as our debut single], was really surprising.” However it was a really good song so I remember feeling really excited about the fact that we are going to sing it. So we really appreciated the fact that Yamashita Tatsuro-san turned up to our recording.

  • I think “Glass no Shounen” was a really good debut song, it had set the benchmark for subsequent releases of KinKi Kids music.

Koichi: A~ah, that’s really important. I think this song has really became our foundation.

Tsuyoshi: To have a debut single sell 2 million is really rare, so the power of “Glass no Shounen” is really strong. Even when I listen to it now, it still not old [haven’t got sick of it], what a good song.

  • Have the release of the CD changed your attitude?

Koichi: No, if we have to say what have changed, it would only be the production of CDs. Other than that, nothing has changed. As it’s kept in CD format, we will try to make it better.

Tsuyoshi: Now I remember, emotionally there were changes. I felt really happy when we release the CD, but I just can’t remember the details.

  • Ma~, on the debut single release day, you guys couldn’t make an appearance together. From now, looking back at that time, it’s already some kind of legend [laugh].

Tsuyoshi: I had to film for the movie “Legend of the Shanghai Mermaid” so I was in Shanghai [laugh].

Koichi: And I was doing a NHK program, where they phone up Tsuyoshi in Shanghai and I talked to him, that’s what I remember [laugh].

However at the time I thought it was natural for these kind of things to happen [meaning that they couldn’t debut together], so I didn’t think much about it. Even though back then I didn’t feel that it was strange, thinking about it now, it was really strange. [laugh]

Tsuyoshi: Probably because we’ve grown up, so even though there is alot of things that we have to do, we still have some kind of judgement [of what we have to do]. Back then, the workload already exceed our abilities to think, so rather than thinking, all we could do was to do our best, so we have no memories of what we have done.

  • So, do you still remember the first time you held a concert in Tokyo Dome?

Koichi: Other than Budokan, I can’t remember much [laugh]. I also felt the same pressure [for Tokyo Dome] as when I was in Budokan. Yet rather than feeling afraid, I strongly remember thinking that “This place [Tokyo Dome] is too large, it’s going to hard to hold a concert”. But after we did it, we learned a lot from it. Such as the method of expression, to the distance from the audience. And how do we communicate through our music in such a large concert hall? I felt that this required a lot of attention, and we were learning while we were working.

Tsuyoshi: I was shocked by how massive Tokyo Dome was. At that time I thought, we are only a group of two people, “What can we do in such a large place?” Especially when we started the Tokyo Dome concert, we had a 360 degree stage, the audience couldn’t come to the ground floor, so the stage was even bigger [than usual], it was really tough [laugh]. When we were on stage, dancing those complicated dance moves we wonder, “Did the audience see it clearly?” We worry about these sorts of things. In a way, that was a really good learning experience.

  • So how was the Asia Concert tour? Koichi-san you had some health problems didn’t you?

Koichi: Eh, really? A~ah, during the Asia Tour concert, I was also filming for “Rookie”, so maybe it was due to the tight filming schedule before leaving for the Asia Concert tour [NANA: He said he only had about 2 hours rest for the whole week from Winkup magazine 2001]. But I have completely forgotten about it [laugh].”


Tsuyoshi: I also forgotten about it [laugh] [NANA: You remember, you’re just pretending you don’t XD]. But I still remember our manager getting food poisoning [laugh].

  • So there also these sorts of things that happen [during the tour] [laugh]. Of course, Koichi still [continued] to work hard in the [Asia Live] concert, program recording and fanclub meetings. But other than that, [you] mostly follow Tsuyoshi[‘s lead because you were sick at that time]. It makes people feel that you guys really support each other.

Tsuyoshi: Because we only have two people, that’s what we have to do [support each other]. Even though we have different viewpoints, we always try to compromise [on our decisions]. We didn’t really intentionally do it, it just comes naturally.

Koichi: All I can remember [from the Asia tour], was the passionate fans, which was really shocking, they were really excited. We were really happy that we were popular in other countries beside Japan.

Tsuyoshi: That’s true. That time I thought “Why are so many people here cheering, for only us?” [laugh] That probably explains why in order to repay for their support, I dropped my pants in the Hong Kong concert [laugh]. That scene was a bonus [for the fans] [laugh]. [NANA & Summer Snow: Be more generous. Maybe you should do it more often and Koichi should do it too. Rofl. XD]

Koichi: “Whether it’s in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, there are alot of people there that support us. [NANA & Summer Snow: Don’t forget Australia too. Come and visit us. XD]. Because of that [support] we were able to welcome our 10th Anniversary, I really feel it [appreciate it] from the bottom of my heart.

  • Oh yeah, you’re going to hold your 10th Anniversary special event today, this time [the event] has a strong appreciative style.

Tsuyoshi: I have been thinking about what we should do for the 10th Anniversary, so when everything was decided, it really took the pressure off me. If I were the fans, I would hope that we did something [for the 10th Anniversary]. Whether it’s for the fans or for us, our 10th Anniversary is a very important event [to us].

  • In regards to the [concert] content, obviously they were decided by the both of you.

Koichi: Of course. The difference [with this concert] from our usual concerts, is that it [the content] will be more suitable for our 10th Anniversary Special Event.

Tsuyoshi: Seriously, it’s going to be a lot mucking around [doing “baka” stuff on stage] [laugh].

  • Even the Concert goods [is really special], usually concerts goods are really fashionable, but this time there will be a lot of funny merchandise as well [laugh]. Having old photos [of you guys] on T-shirts, this idea was apparently first suggested by Tsuyoshi.

Tsuyoshi: Yes. We received alot of feedback for that. It was really successful, it was even popular with our own staff [laugh].

Koichi: Doesn’t Tsuyoshi’s T-shirt look really great? For that one, I would be happy to wear it [laugh].

Tsuyoshi: Of course [laugh]. Please pay with your own money [laugh]. I feel the same, even on normal days I would wear it to dinner with friends [laugh].

  • With the meaning of [the name] KinKi Kids, is it to make fun of yourself [laugh].

Tsuyoshi: Don’t you think that it would a waste if we don’t make fun of ourselves [laugh]? I think fans are also really happy [with the jokes]. So, when I had to choose, I tried my best to pick some really ‘painful’ [to look at] photos [laugh].

Koichi: What a novel idea [laugh]. My photo [for the T-shirts] had also just finished [laugh]. This kind of thing really could only be done for this event, so when we felt like making it we made it [laugh]. We are just mucking around with KinKi Kids [laugh].

  • Sharing an awesome time together [at the concert], this could really express the appreciation [you guys have for your fans].

Koichi: So true. To express the feeling of appreciation, you could only say in words, ‘Thank you’. But for us now, it’s difficult to fully express our feelings in words only. Therefore we think there should be some expression that can be more suitable to be used by KinKi Kids [to show our appreciation for the fans]. Finally [after some brainstorming of ideas], the first one to come up is the ’39’ album and this memorable event.

Tsuyoshi: All in all, I just want a place that could allow us to simply say “Thank you” [to our fans], I feel that the feeling should be communicated directly. No, if people are not our fans, knowing that it’s our 10th years [together], may only think “Oh~already 10 years.” However, as there are a lot of people supporting us, and those people who keep on injection their passion onto us, as a singer, we should always be conscious of those people’s existence.

  • Through this special event, KinKi Kids and fans will have one more memory to share.

Tsuyoshi: Yes. Compared with our concert tour, there are limited people allowed [in this event] , but to those who can’t join, if only we could send our feeling of “thank you” to the hearts [of fans] it would be really good, we are embracing this feeling to host this special event.

  • Even though in the day of the CD debut, you guys couldn’t join together as KinKi Kids [laugh]. This 10th Anniversary Special event, not only will the two of you be there, but also it’s going to be held on a Sunday, that’s really good.

Tsuyoshi: Yes. It is really good to be able to scheduled in a day where fans can come. At this milestone of 10 years, which will never happen again no matter now or in the future. And we really want to experience that [special] moment with fans.

Koichi: True, this one day [39 event] is a special moment, so, I think just relax and enjoy is enough.

Tsuyoshi: Now, when we look back at our old photos, I think it is really amazing to have people support this group of two shy people [laugh]. So, everybody please use that forgivable heart to continue supporting us. From now on, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


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Gees~ Good God that we Finish… going to have to look at their other interview >____< and Who tell me she want the check list comment? I could have a look in that XD

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Finally NANA and I was able to finish this interview. As you can see it’s pretty long. Sorry for the delay, but hope you guys enjoy this interview as we have. ^_^

This interview just emphasize why I love them so much, they are just so modest about everything. I think it’s because they didn’t get everything handed to them on a silver platter, they did everything themselves like with the ningen shikkaku audition and they haven’t grown arrogant even though they’re famous now. They’re adorable.

Anyway, thanks to all those who comment again. Flowers and cookies for all. lol.

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[Translation] Interview with KinKi Kids [From 39 Pamphlet] Part Two

  • After you held your own concert, did it help give birth to any new ideas that you want to add to your future live concerts?

Tsuyoshi: Yes. Even though I can’t remember the details [of the first concert], I think that its a natural desire [to improve on future concerts].

Koichi: In fact, after we opened our own concert, we gradually thought about ‘what we could do to make the audience more happy?’ Back when we were dancing for SMAP, we only really did what people ask us to do, other than that we did not think of anything else. Of course, from there [backdancing for SMAP] we learnt a lot of things, however as we held our own concert, our attitude changed. [Basically we think he meant that before they have everything set out for them, that it was easy and that their attitude changed after they did they own concert and realised how hard it was]. From the Budokan concert, the concert content [MC, songlist, stage design] were made by us, so from then on, I really like to plan the concert by asking myself ‘Would it be more interesting if I did this?’ and at the same time thinking [whether this would be realistic].

  • So this is how you usually come up with concert content.

Koichi: Of course. But at that time we don’t have our own original songs, so this means that the possibilities are endless, anything could be done. So it [the concert] are the result of a lot of thinking.

  • But, from the beginning you did everything by yourself, that in itself is a very admirable thing.

Tsuyoshi: Rather than admirable, we thought at that time, that it should be like that.

Koichi: It’s because we didn’t know at that time, that there were people that specialises in concert designing and performing. Of course after that, when we heard from other people about that we thought ‘he~we don’t have that’ [laugh].

Tsuyoshi: “Treating something that is not necessary as something that is necessary”.

Koichi: However we haven’t change our way of thinking, only you know yourself the best. Thinking about this, rather than let some other people that may have never listened to KinKi Kids music before design or perform at our concert, I think it would be best to do it by ourselves.

When we didn’t have our own songs, it may have been better to have a professional to the job, but as we don’t have it [the professionals], it’s [the concert] is mainly designed by us since then and till now.

If you want to let your audience enjoy your concert, what should you do? That it what we think about and that is our responsibility without anyone telling us so and that it’s our natural instinct [taking up responsibility of the concert]. I think that’s the working style of Johnny’s & Associates, by using this kind of method, it let every group display their own colours [speciality].

Tsuyoshi: I’m basically on the side of accepting anything [laugh], so I’ll wait till Koichi plan out the whole schedule, then I just point out the places that I don’t like about it. If I was asked about “any jokes?” [on the MC], I will provide some. This has been how our working relationship been till now.

The most important thing is, if something is done there [the concert], the whole picture may change. I’m there acting as a buffer [to give a different point.]

At that time [during the planning process], I would often suggest things like ‘Wouldn’t it be more interesting if I add something stupid here?’ Of course it’s a really difficult job [planning the concert], but also given the challanges, we rather make use of our ideas than follow what people say.

  • At time, not only were you guy involved in acting and movies, you also held concerts, but have yet to release your own debut CD, honestly, did you worry about that?

Koichi: No no, because we thought that that we will never have a CD debut and that we will continue doing this [Johnny’s Jr work]. Before our CD debut, we already had several songs of our own and we also sang in some music programs. Although we haven’t actually recorded those songs onto CDs, we let it go with the flow [laugh].

Tsuyoshi: I also didn’t really feel worried, even when we decided to have our official CD debut, I wasn’t shocked. Although when we were asked to go to the company and was given the news that we will officially debut, my reaction was “Oh oh ~ really?”. Not surprised [laugh]. And without knowing any details about it, we were brought to the Toyokawa Shinto Shrine. [laugh] [NANA: This is where they went to pray to the “Entertainment” God and where they officially debuted.]

  • How about your CD debut Press Conference?

Tsuyoshi: Basically, even though we knew about the details of the ceremony before we left for the Toyokawa Shinto Shrine, at that time we thought “why a shrine?” When we arrived there, we saw a lot of journalists and Kouhai’s carrying Palanquins [laugh]. “What’s that?” [meaning the Palanquins]. I only remember what I thought at the time, other than that, I can’t remember [laugh].

Koichi: All that we know at that time was that there was going to be a special event for our CD debut, other than that we don’t know. So we were really confused when we sat on the chair and then it finished [laugh].


Summer Snow: It’s now 1.00am in the morning over here and NANA has fallen asleep on the other line, leaving me talking to myself and yelling HELLO???? HELLOOO??? ARE YOU THERE??? LOL

This is not the final part of the interview. We will be back hopefully with the finished interview. Again bits in brackets besides the [laugh] bit are not what they actually said, we added it in, so it would be easier to understand.

NANA and I would like to say thank you to all the people who bothered to comment. NANA was really excited calling me up the next day to tell me about the amount of people that commented on the topic. The 39 phamplet post had the highest comment we ever had in one day consisting of different people.

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[Translation] Interview with KinKi Kids [From 39 Pamphlet] Part One

  • It has been 10 years since KinKi Kids debut CD. After years of hardship, does it felt like a flash or like years ago

Koichi: You could say that it felt like both.

Tsuyoshi: I think so too.

Koichi: Ma…when I think about it, we’ve been working together as KinKi Kids for half of our lives. Sometimes I think “was it that long?”
But both of us are the kind of people that don’t look back, so rather than thinking about the past, most of the time it’s about us working towards the future.

  • Then now lets have you two “reluctantly” think about the past [laugh]. What was on your mind when you heard the news of you two forming a group?

Tsuyoshi: That probably they picked us because we share the same ‘Domoto’ surname. Of course I thought about working hard but other then that, I don’t have the energy to think about other things that have been done.

Koichi: Our name did came to mind as well. Anyway, I didn’t really feel nervous [about the news] because I’ve worked with Tsuyoshi already. The only problem was then at first, the name was suppose to be “Kansai Boya” [laugh]. That time I thought “That’s it, we’re finished!” [laugh]. Then afterwards Johnny-san told us that our named shall be changed to “KinKi Kids”. I remember thinking that “it doesn’t really make a difference [laugh], we’re still finished” [laugh].

  • But, you’re not ‘finished’ as you two became household names right after acting in ‘Ningen Shikkaku’.

Koichi: With ‘Ningen Shikkaku’, I never audition for an acting job before so I didn’t know what to expect. I remember getting the script and reading one part of it, but because I never done this before I didn’t know what to do, so before you know, it was finished. Other than that, I can’t remember much of what’s it’s like when I decided to act in there.

Tsuyoshi: Probably ‘it’s a drama [acting] side of my job’ kind of feeling. When filming started, there was lot of difficult stuff. There was a lot of shots that has to be filmed.

Koichi: I still remember wearing the white uniform when we started filming, but I didn’t really think about whether this role is going to be hard or any of those sort of things. Only that I should do the best I can for this role.

  • After that, you two starred in different movies and dramas. But you also starred in Wakaba no Koro and Miman City together. When you film by yourself or when your acting together, in your mind, do you feel that there was any difference?

Koichi: No, nothing different. It doesn’t matter if I’m acting together or by myself because the things that I have to do will not change. I still have to do the best I can for each task. And I have to be in character when acting, so there is no feeling of being in KinKi Kids.

Tsuyoshi: That’s true. Even if we have to do a drama together, there will be nothing to say to KinKi Kids but communicate to each of us directly. And we would try our utmost to do our best in our work.

  • As KinKi Kids, how did you feel when you first had to perform your first concert in Budokan? Both you haven’t debut, yet you had to open your own concert in Budokan, at that time, no has done it before.

Koichi: Yes. Looking back from now, it was an unimaginable thing. So I think at that time I do feel the pressure. However really I can’t remember most of the things (laugh).

Tsuyoshi: At that time I was super nervous. Everyday was so speedy [quick] and intense, and the workload was full [NANA: Tsuyo literally said that the density is really concentrated. I hope you understand -_-‘], so I was in a ‘can’t remember anything mode’, that’s also the truth. But I think because I was too nervous, so I can’t remember.

Koichi: My feeling was, even though the Budokan Concert was only for one day, it gave me an adrenaline rush kind of feeling. In a short time, it was over in a flash, so I can’t remember much. Also, even though before the concert we once back-dance for SMAP, so we had previous experience of stepping on the Budokan stage, but this place itself at that time we just don’t understand [as to how important Budokan was]. Even though we do feel that it was a really large place, but in our mind we still thought “Is it really that great?” It’s because we were still small we did not understand the magnitude of it all [meaning Budokan].

Tsuyoshi: But at that time we wonder, “Is anyone going to come concert?” Still a group of people came to see us [laugh], it was really amazing.

[Summer Snow: I don’t know about you Tsuyo, but I don’t think 350,000 people is considered a group. lol]

  • Because you guys have been back dancers for SMAP, so when you stepped on the Bukodan stage weren’t you thinking to yourself, ‘One day we have to open a concert here’. Didn’t you have that feeling?

Koichi: No, cause we are not those kids with a lot of ambition (laugh).

Tsuyoshi: That’s true, unfortunately, we don’t have much ambition (laugh).”

Koichi: Although we sang some songs in the SMAP concert, we have no other expections. Probably because the thought of us performing our own concert is a really far away thing. Even though, we were not ambitious, we still got called [by Johnny-san], ‘You are going to open a concert in Budokan’. At that time is probably like this [laugh]”.

[NANA & Summer Snow: Ehhhh???? Honto ni wakarimasen. Wakanai, wakanai, wakanai. We have no idea what Koichi is saying when he said ‘At that time is probably like this’. lol]

  • Is that so [laugh]

Koichi: It’s still the same now. For instance when we’re with other groups, Tsuyoshi and I will not stand in the front [laugh].

Tsuyoshi: In order to not attract too much attention, we both squeeze to the back end [laugh].


We hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the KinKi Kids interview. There is more where that came from. We were planning to finish the whole interview and post it, but to keep our sanity, we decided to break the interview in parts for better digestion [and so we can rest a bit] lol.

It took us around 3 nights to do this section because the interview goes on for 3 pages and translations of Tsuyoshi’s bit is the hardest.

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[Kinki] Messages from 39 pamphlet

A Message from Koichi To Tsuyoshi & KinKi Kids

My relationship with Tsuyoshi, no matter whether its when we grouped or now, I don’t think there is any special changes. Its like, because you ask, I have to think about it, if you don’t ask I will never think about this. Its that natural. If have to say anything changes, there were parts that changed, but if say nothing changes, there is really nothing changes. As I think that is something shouldn’t be think about. Of course, I know more than anyone else the best part of Tsuyoshi. For example, each other mending the part others don’t have, This I also haven’t ever think of. As we are naturally existed.

Even if we don’t count, we could says things in the same time, that’s also due to long time working together, naturally learned things. This time one of the concert goods – Voice clock, the voices are just come up without any rehearsal or discussion. That’s mean, even we don’t know about each other private life (laugh), My partner have to be Tsuyoshi, if not Domoto Tsuyoshi and Domoto Koichi, there will have no Kinki Kids, In some part, I thinks thats fate. So to nowadays Tsuyoshi, I have no special expectation, however, When we taking photo or on stage, please try your best to stay in the middle (laugh). Everytime I look back, I will find him not in the middle, make me think “He~? Where is he?” (laugh). As there is only two of us, please help me on this point (laugh).

This time, Even is to welcome Kinki Kids 10th years, however namely 10 years, if in history standing point, will think “Just 10 years .” As Kinki Kids will continuous, even I don’t know about the future, however if can use Kinki Kids to welcome 20 years, 30 years, will be great. That’s my dream.

A Message from Tsuyoshi to Koichi & KinKi Kids

Even though, During this 10 years there is countless time of “Going to separate” Kind of rumour. But we never talk about it, Why others people have to argue on this? We both think its so amazing. Already till this age, two guys won’t stick with each other everyday. Separating changing room, is because we have different types of concentration method. Before concert, or before recoding not talking, because we could use fresh tension to face the conversation in program. If we have high emotion in backstage, on stage we will have no emotion, then thats is meanless. Although we have no communication in our private life, we still Kinki Kids. Nothing much better, nothing much worst. Even we don’t say it now, we still have to meet up anyway, so no point of knowing each other numbers (laugh). If something want to talk about, next time we could talk face to face. But if few years later, we are not Kinki Kids, not working together, may be will have normal exchange of numbers. Then will think about “should have dinner together.” I think, we both have the same kind of feeling.

For the matter of fact, as Kinki Kids this role walking through 10 years is only me and Koichi, therefore many things only we could understand. Of coures, I would like to tell our fans, Kinki Kids also belong to fans. But getting back to the root, before Kinki Kids belong to anyone, its belong to us two. Although staff, or surrounding people will change, but Kinki Kids is two of us, this point never changes. This group belong to us is special, this feeling is hard to explain in words.

Two people call Domoto Koichi and Domoto Tsuyoshi meet, then formed Kinki Kids this group, these event itself is a miracle. So from now on, untill someone tell us “please don’t do anymore”, we still want to work as Kinki Kids.