[Request] Shock Ticket request

Oh well ~ I know its gonna be real hard for this, but as this is my first time to watch Shock … so I really want to get a ticket… -_- Not really expensive one … -_-

So I post this request if anyone could help.

Requesting for 3 tickets to Endless Shock.

Can only be Saturday one as we all need to work.

Seats can be seperate. so I am looking for 1-3 tickets.

Price we are looking for Original price + Admin cost.

(Anyone have higher than that please let’s us know how much first .. -_- As we have been quiet broke already .. -_- Saving for more KinKi and Solo Concert coming up ..-_- )

I know its really hard .. but hope we have someone nice enough to get us all going T_T

Happy New year!

Gees long time not updating`

Sorry~ have been really busy at work .. these days ..

Anyway just refresh myself from a trip 2 days 1 night KinKi Concert~

Now take a deep breath and here is the new year!

I hope I can update this site more often, please be patient to me T_T

Anyway~ Happy New Year! 😀

[From Nana] One thought about the Korea trip

Gees just looking at the news knowing korea seems to have 3 cases of confirmed H1N1 A type virus, but our KinKi just went there!

Will Japan Government then detain them? >_<

Gees~ Kochan Tsuyo please stay healthy!!!

– From Worry Nana

[From nana] Back and will be out again soon !

Gals ~ Its me again ~ 😀 Thanks to Miko lovely update for me you guys seems to have enjoyed her accompany hahahahhaa:)
Well I am back for a few days and she will be here again on 9th hehe~ I am this time heading to Melbourne for a easter break 😀 With SummerSnow 🙂
SummerSnow’s computer is in dead status she is trying to 1. search for job 2. work and 3 stuff her computer and kicking out bugs XD
While i am enjoying my last annual leave till July >___< Overtime every day already … T_T
Will update some shops photos soon hopefully 🙂


[From nana] Endless Shock last day!

today is Endless Shock last day finally ! 😀 Hurray!

Even though i am not in Tokyo now  I hope to see the news tomorrow

By the way for Miko and Kiu, I have got yours pamphlet, however as the actually buying time is 1:20 in the afternoon after show started and my train is 13:03 the last best one for me. (I end up back in hotel at 22:00…. ) So I asked Yuki to get it for me and then we shall see either ship it back or she bring it to HK when she’s visit in Summer.

Anyway I have to off now! I hotel free internet access! See you guys soon 😀


Nana @ Japan

[From Nana] Jun’s Endless Shock ticket Sold!

Finally, I found someone who can go with me!
I received a lot of mails but I’m very sorry not to reply all of them.
Nana, and guys, thank you for your help!


[From us] See you all in Japan

Hey Guys, this is SummerSnow and Nana here 😀

Hey gals~ We will be heading to Japan on 25th Dec and come back on 4th Jan. Hopefully we could do some instant update but I doubt XD

Thank you so much for your support this year 😀 We have a lovely year in this blog 😀

Thank you so much for all yours help so far and really look forward to seeing you guys in Japan soon.

Gals who will be meeting us in 31st Dec, sorry as nana computer was down, Nana couldn’t compse email as often as she could before. Will sent you all an email by tmr night with our phone number and place to meet on 31st 😀

Anyway ~ MERRY MERRY Chirstmas and Happy Birthday to our beloved Kochan 30th Birthday ~ and see you all soon ! 😀

Hopefully we could ask Miko to help us updating our blog while we away 😀

29/12 UPDATED!! (cell phone no. is changed!)

Those who are meeting up if you see this msg please contact Nana or summersnow @ 080 1500 4220  ;D see you all there ;D

~SummerSnow n Nana~